You Can’t Delete Your Gawker Account

About 10 days ago, I decided that Gawker sucks. It came to my attention that while Gawker writers are quick to trash anyone and everyone, they can’t take even the slightest bit of criticism directed at them.

I came to the conclusion that I won’t be reading, commenting or linking to Gawker and so I wanted to delete my account, but I couldn’t. At the time, I was annoyed by this lack of control over my user account. I deleted as much personally identifiable information from my account as I could. But now I’m pissed because Gawker got hacked over the weekend and whatever personal information remains in the Gawker database is now being distributed via torrent.

Apparently Gawker will, at some point, allow users to delete their accounts. Here’s a screen grab from a faq on Lifehacker.

But for now, all of your account information is in the hands of Gawker Media and any hacker who wants to break into their system, which evidently is not too difficult to do.

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Gawker Hacked. December 12, 2010.

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