Why I Won’t Stand for Rand

For US Senators who are asked why they did not stand by Sen. Rand Paul during his filibuster of President Obama’s CIA director appointee, simply read this.

I did not stand with Rand Paul in his recent filibuster of President Obama’s CIA director because the Kentucky senator is an idiot.

Ron Paul, Senator Paul’s father, is a smart man. Senator Paul is not.

What Paul did during his 13-hour soliloquy amounts to nothing more than pure partisan political grand-standing.

Paul acknowledged that his filibuster would not prevent John Brennan from becoming the next CIA director. It didn’t.

What Paul was trying to do was to get the president to respond to the asinine hypothetical situation concocted in the senator’s drug addled mind.

I assume he’s on drugs, either for a severe mental disorder or for recreational use. He’s using something.

What else explains Paul’s obsession with the killing of Americans, or anyone, on US soil with a drone and no due process?

At one point during the filibuster, Paul posited a scenario in which President Obama orders a drone attack on a cafe.

The senator images a drone flying over the bustling cafe, totally silent, before it fires a hellfire missile at the terrorist inside the cafe. The missile kills alleged terrorist along with you and everyone else in the cafe.

To conspiracy theorists that’s the logical next step in the drone program. Without the slippery slope argument fallacy, these people would have nothing to talk about.

And so despite the fact that President Obama has never sought to kill anyone on US soil without due process and a drone, conspiracy theorists like Senator Paul will remainĀ undeterred..

The fact is that the president can’t legally assassinate people in America.

While it’s certainly arguable whether killing US citizens abroad without due process is legal, there’s clearly no viable legal framework for what Paul is suggesting could happen.

What Senator Paul is doing is that he’s ginning up the right-wing fringers ahead of his CPAC speech. If he can pull off a barn-burning at CPAC, he can build momentum for a 2016 run at the White House.

That is why I don’t stand with Rand.



  • Matt says:

    I don’t think you realize that Sen. Rand Paul is fighting for our future, against a tyrannical government the has the power to silence its citizens. We need someone in office who is bound morally to uphold the Constitution and to serve the people of america, unlike so many of the past presidents who have only worked to further themselves.

    I wish I knew the name of the coward who wrote this. If you really are a Senator then I know the reason why you didn’t up your name down. Its because you don’t want to be responsible for the words that come out of your mouth. Just like so many slimy politicians that are in our government. You are the reason why america is dying, and you deserve to be impeached for doing exactly the opposite of what you swore to uphold.

    Matthew Logel

    • Journalismo says:

      I’m not a senator, I’m writing a letter for senators who are having a hard time finding the words when asked why they don’t stand with Rand.

      And if I were a Senator, it’s certainly not an impeachable offense to disagree with Rand Paul, unless I missed that day in Political Science class.

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