The GOP Is Dead

I’ve said this with total seriousness at least 3 times in my life, but this time, I think it’s true. The GOP is dead.

There’s no possible way for the Republican Party to recover from Donald Trump. It will eventually come up that Trump engaged in unethical and criminal behavior while GOP leaders knew about it and did nothing to expose Trump and stop him.

While one could certainly argue, as I have for decades, that the Republican Party has been actively working to undermine our democratic institutions and bureaucracies since at least 1980, this is different. Trump and the modern GOP are overtly and publicly undermining our government. Firing all of the US attorneys, who were working on criminal cases against Trump and his comrades. Firing FBI Director James Comey after trying to pressure Comey to drop investigations into the Trump administration officials.

This is all clearly obstruction of justice. While the president is given much power, the power to tell law enforcement to stop investigating people associated with the president, is not clearly one such authority. And then when Comey refused to do so, Trump fired him.

And the Republican Party is fine with this. Because of this acceptance of traitors to our country, the GOP should be banned from politics forever. A new political party can form in its place, but anyone in Republican leadership now should be banned for life from politics – like Pete Rose from baseball.

When this is done, there needs to be monuments built to remind us of who the traitors were, and who the heroes were who exposed them and brought them to justice. We can’t just forget about this one, like we did with the Iraq war and the Bush administration atrocities.

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