Review: Dreadnaut Mechanical Mod Clone

I’m new to mechanical mod vaporizers. My first one is a Dreadnaut clone that I bought for $50 on eBay. This mod, like most, don’t come with coils. So I used some 28-gauge Kanthal. I turned it 7 times on a 2mm rod. That gave me 1.5 ohms. That worked, but it was a bit

How to Make Your Own Herbal Tincture at Home

Making your own herbal tinctures at home saves money, is healthy and let’s be honest, it’s fun. I make my tinctures for my mechanical mod rebuildable vaporizer. Currently I’m using a dreadnaut clone I bought on eBay for $50. It works great and I’m super pleased with it. But you don’t need to vaporize herbal