Amended Senate Finance Committee Baucus health care bill

On Friday, the Senate Finance Committee approved its amended health care reform bill. It’s called “America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009.” You can read it yourself here.

It doesn’t include a public health care plan and apparently does little more than make health insurance companies richer. Great job Senators.

First reading of the latest Senate Finance Committee health care bill

Before I listen to the experts misrepresent the details of the latest health care plan from Congress, I read through the Senate Finance Committee health care bill released today.

There’s no public health care plan to compete with private for-profit insurance companies. There is a provision for setting up health care cooperatives. The bill prohibits denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions or dropping people when they need expensive care. The bill puts caps on the amount of money people will have to pay for health care each year. Everyone will be required to have health insurance. There’s a laundry list of tax credits to help people purchase health insurance on the open market. The bulk of the bill deals with modifications of Medicare, none of which I understand.

Max Baucus Senate Finance Committee Health Care Bill

It’s called “America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009.” I’ve not read the entire bill yet, but I’m posting it here immediately for everyone to look through. It’s 223 pages, so I’ll need a minute to make sense of it. Read this bill, it’s going to be the topic of discussion for the coming weeks. We should all know what it says so we can call bull when we hear it.