Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Plays the Victim Card – Again

Sarah Palin is the most persecuted person in America. Poor Sarah, the “lamestream media” keep making fun of her for saying stupid shit. She does that a lot, and we all love to laugh about it. Her latest gaffe was on Glenn Beck’s radio show when she said that the US needs to stand behind

Sarah Palin Says We Need to Stand by North Korea

Sarah Palin is still confused by Korea, and the fact that it’s divided country with a North Korea and a South Korea. One is bad and the other is our ally. On Glenn Beck’s radio show she said, “This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms of our national security

Sarah Palin Unleashes 1st Amendment Assault and Wins

Sarah Palin’s publisher, the Rupert Murdoch owned Harper Collins, filed a complaint against Gawker for publishing excerpts from her upcoming book “America by Heart” and they found a judge that agrees with them. Related stories Sarah Palin Sues Gawker for Talking About her Book The New York Daily news reported today, “the website must immediately

Sarah Palin Sues Gawker for Talking About her Book (Update)

Update: What I thought wasn’t going to happen – happened. Sarah Palin found a judge to order Gawker pull the story they ran about Palin’s new book. Palin’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. (November 21, 2010) On Friday, Sarah Palin’s publisher, the Rupert Murdoch owned Harper Collins, filed a lawsuit against Gawker for publishing leaked excerpts

Sarah Palin’s Opening Political Ad for the 2012 Campaign Season

It seems like it was just Tuesday when we voted in the 2010 election. It was, but guess what? The 2012 campaign season is already underway. Sarah Palin has released an ad, which “some” are calling the first political ad of the 2012 presidential election, and it has a bear in it. And by “some,”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Gives Sarah Palin Pink Panties

Sarah Palin likes to present herself as a modern day feminist and a Tea Partier. Well today she met Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona and he handed her a pair of pink panties. That’s right, this is the guy who’s been accused of torturing prisoners (a.k.a immigrants) by making them wear woman’s pink underwear. Welcome

Vanity Fair: Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury

Even as Sarah Palin’s public voice grows louder, she has become increasingly secretive, walling herself off from old friends and associates, and attempting to enforce silence from those around her. Following the former Alaska governor’s road show, the author delves into the surreal new world Palin now inhabits—a place of fear, anger, and illusion, which

Sarah Palin Confuses Glenn Beck with Beck

Some famous people have people tweet for them, but not Sarah Palin. I’m pretty sure she’s blasting out her tweets all on her own – straight from her Blackberry to your eyes. Yesterday she tweeted: Silly media reports“maybe thousands”@Beck’s “irrelevant” event;insinuating MSM sheeple mustn’t believe their own eyes&ears re: event’s truth. I think she meant

The Iraq War Ending, but Have we Won?

Tomorrow, President Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver a speech about the Iraq War. August 31 marks the official end to combat operations in a war that has dragged on for more than seven years. It’s also been seven years since President George W. Bush delivered his famous “Mission Accomplished” speech on May 1, 2003.

The Glenn Beck Rally Against ‘Them,’ ‘They’ and ‘The Other’

Glenn Beck held his “restoring honor” rally in Washington, DC yesterday. It was funny and scary all wrapped in an extravaganza of demagoguery. Sarah Palin whined that “they” are trying to take away her motherhood. “Say what you want to say about me,” Palin said, “but I raised a combat vet. You can’t take that

Al Qaeda is to Islam What the KKK is to Christianity

Rightbloggers, Fox News and conservative politicians are purposely conflating Al Qaeda with Islam. While it’s true that Al Qaeda members claim to be living the lives of righteous Muslims – the fact is that they are terrorists. Members of the Ku Klux Klan make similar claims about Protestant Christianity, but they are terrorists too. Many

Sarah Palin Confronts a Teacher in Homer

Oliver Willis found this little gem today. It’s a video of Sarah Palin confronting a woman in Homer, Alaska who’s putting up a sign that says, “Worst Governor Ever.” Palin was there to do some work on her Discovery TV show. When she asks the lady what she does for a living, she’s a teacher,

Sarah Palin Proves Once Again How Dumb She Really Is

I know Sarah Palin’s supporters don’t give a rip about facts, details or being right, but Palin sure is wrong a lot. The former half-term governor of Alaska has put her proverbial foot in her mouth again. fact-checked her recent statement that “Democrats are poised now to cause this largest tax increase in US

Blogger Gets Palin’s Facebook Post Yanked and Palinistas Throw a Hissy Fit

Sarah Palin posted a message on Facebook complaining about the Islamic community center slated to be built a couple blocks from where the World Trade Center towers once stood. Obviously she thinks it’s disgraceful that those filthy rag heads would want to build anything in, near or around Ground Zero (Palin didn’t actually use the

The Daily Caller Exposes Palin’s Whiny Side

In an “exclusive” interview with Sarah Palin, Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller – a right-wing blog – has exposed how truly thin-skinned the former Alaska governor really is. The gist of Palin’s comments are that the media picked on her (e.g. they asked her questions she couldn’t answer). She said that when she was given

“Drill baby” what’s this all about? Never heard of it says GOP Senators

Now that thousands of barrels of oil are spewing into the Gulf of Mexico by the hour, Republican senators are pretending that “Drill, Baby, Drill” was never a party slogan. “I think there was a candidate that used that,” Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) said. “I think our phrase was ‘drill here, drill now,’ meaning here

Sarah Palin Lies and America Dies – Just A Little Bit

Whether like it or not, Sarah Palin gets to say whatever she wants, and the mainstream media will simply regurgitate it. The Associated Press ran a story on Sunday about how Sarah Palin was taken aback by President Obama’s comment regarding the US as a superpower. What she said was a total misrepresentation of the

Sarah Palin Brings the Party to Boston

Today Sarah Palin brought her Tea Party Express to Boston. During her speech she rolled out her usual suspects. “Drill baby. Drill,” Palin said and the crowd chanted her slogan calling to expand domestic oil drilling. A couple weeks ago President Obama announced that he too wanted to see more domestic oil exploration. The crowd

Tina Fey Returns to SNL as Sarah Palin

Tina Fey is a hoot, but when she does Sarah Palin she’s rididonkulously hootie. Here’s her as Palin doing a commercial for the Sarah Palin Network.

Video of Tea Partiers Freaking Out

I don’t know what’s scarier, Victoria Jackson screeching into a microphone, Joe the Plumber bragging about his big truck and guns, Andrew Breitbart claiming liberals “firebombed” a church or that there are people out there that watch Glenn Beck every day. Here’s a video montage of Tea Party rallies across the country this week.