Equality and Progress

Since I was a kid in the ’70s and ’80s when people openly calls gay men fags, we’ve come a long way. While there will always remain a loud sliver of the population that just can’t progress, the rest of us have moved on. That’s the message from the courts today, the ballot box and

Making Politics Fun

Too often people get bogged down in what’s not going their way politically and they fixate on the negative aspects of the democratic process. You’ll never always get everything that you want and that’s OK. In her Sister Citizen column, Melissa Harris-Perry, wrote that progressives should put the negativity away and just have some fun.

Tomorrow is National Coffee Party Day

It took a long time coming, but here’s the progressive answer to the Tea Party – the Coffee Party. Their slogan is “Walk up and Stand up,” and the official launch of the movement is tomorrow at a coffee shop near you. Find a Coffee Party meeting near you. The Coffee Party appears to

The Silent Majority Won’t Stop Screaming

President Richard Nixon warned about the so-called silent majority. It was part of Nixon’s “southern strategy.” The silent majority was made of up white Americans, Sarah Palin would call them “real Americans” who don’t cotton to fancy newspapers, books, higher education or black people. Well today, Nixon would be proud to see his once silent

The Progressive Problem

Sarah Palin has achieved what Ralph Nader never could – she’s the leader of a populist revolution. Palin is successful because she appeals to the lowest common denominator and progressives, like Nader, appeal to high level intellect.

Deconstructing Brooks: No, It’s Not About Race

David Brooks wrote today about race. He said that the 9.12 tea bagger protesters actually mingled with a group of African Americans who happened to be in the nation’s capitol celebrating their culture. For Brooks that anecdotal story of white folks and black folks hanging out is proof that race isn’t an issue.