Evidence #324 that Stupid People Are Breeding

This week a 4-year-old kid fell into a gorilla enclosure at a zoo and zoo personnel killed the gorilla to save the boy’s life. Obviously everyone was freaked out that a zoo would have a gorilla exhibit that a 4-year-old could fall into. Not exactly. Social networks lit up with crazy ass motherfuckers, some of

Matthew Yglesias Explains the Rise of Xenophobia

Racism and xenophobia are always lurking under the surface in American life and politics. And when times get tough, more and more people will cling to the ugliness that is bigotry, and politicians will try to caress the anxiety that slithers along this dark underbelly of America. Matthew Yglesias explains why xenophobia is coming to

Keith Olbermann on the Tea Party Ruse with Politico’s Kenneth Vogel

Here’s more evidence that the Tea Party movement is not a movement but merely a political operation geared towards getting Republicans elected and making lobbyists rich. On Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night, Olbermann interviewed Politico’s Kenneth Vogel about his story on Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Express and the lobbyists who are backing it. As

Obama’s Liberal Agenda: Offshore Drilling

What’s so gut-busting laugh-out-loud funny is that conservatives keep trying to portray President Obama as a left-wing weirdo sitting around smoking hash and lathering himself up with patchouli oil. If you look at his policies — yes, even health care reform — it’s pretty clear that Obama is marginally left-of-center. Take for instance his plan

More Evidence that the GOP has been taken over by Conspiracy Nuts

Where does the GOP go from here? Now that the party has been taken over by conspiracy nuts, racists and other loons, where does that leave them? Over the weekend a “Christian militia” was taken out by the FBI over its plot to murder a police officer and then attack the funeral procession with IEDs.

White House Shows How to Save Money on Your Taxes (Video)

Despite what right-wing fringers like Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck say, the White House hasn’t raised taxes and they even show you have to take advantage of new tax cuts. From the White House: “Did you know that there are more than a dozen Recovery Act tax cuts working families can take advantage of this

Black Police Chief and Louisiana Mayor Victims of a White Coup

It appears that some powerful white folks down in the Tensas Parish of Louisiana have perpetrated a coup to force out a black police chief and mayor. While the parish is overwhelmingly comprised of African Americans, white people run things down there and they weren’t too happy when these uppity educated blacks started running things.

Surprise Afghanistan Obama Visit

Coming off the heels of major domestic legislative victories, President Obama dropped into Afghanistan to meet with leaders to press them to do more to clamp down on corruption. The Associated Press’ Jennifer Loven has the story. KABUL – In a surprise visit, President Barack Obama pressed Afghan leaders on Sunday to do more to

What a Difference a Week Makes

Huffington Post’s Paul Abrams is a “professional iconoclast” and co-founder breakupthebigbanks.com and had this to say about this historic week of Democracy in America. While President Obama and Congress wrestled health care reform to a successful conclusion and tacked on Student Loan Reform, Secretary of State Clinton concluded a deal with Russia to reduce nuclear

Democrats Will Win Big in November If …

The consensus among the talking heads, political wonks, hacks and bloviators is that Democrats will lose big in November’s elections. The logic is that the party in the White House always gets their ass handed to them in the first election after the president takes office. That’s what happened in 1994 after Clinton beat Bush

Historic Health Care Reform Passes Despite Lies and Fear Mongering

Barack Obama has been talking about health care reform since 2007. Back then he talked about single-payer and universal health care – and you elected Obama with a landslide victory. While you didn’t get universal health care or single-payer – you did get health care reform.

Critical Thinking by Frances Moore Lappé

Too many Americans either don’t know or don’t like to think critically. It’s much more comfortable to just know what you know and that’s that. But critical thinking isn’t an optional component of living in a civilized society – it’s vital.

That’s why you need to read Frances Moore Lappé’s story “Let’s Drop the Good Guys vs. Bad Guys Talk, We Need to Grow Up as a Species.”

Exposing the Truth about Reconciliation and the ‘Nuclear Option’

Almost all politicians stretch the truth, or outright lie, to convince people that what they’re doing is for their benefit. But what’s happening right now regarding a possible parliamentary move by Senate Democrats to use reconciliation to pass health care reform is just too much.

Krugman Calls Out Deficit Fear-mongering

Here we go again. Just like in 2003, groupthink is sweeping the nation. When the war drums were beating their loudest to attack Iraq, the media and pundits were onboard with the Bush administration lies. No one challenged what everyone knew to be true – that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and he was going to attack the US. Now seven years later, we’re back at it again, but this time it’s that deadly deficit that will surely kill you and your family before the year is through.

Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention Speech (Full Video)

Here’s the complete video of Sarah Palin’s speech at the Tea Party Convention on Feb. 6, 2010. Palin is the de facto leader of the Tea Party movement. The speech sounds like she’s planning for a presidential run in 2012.