Is this Story Real? 248,000 Veterans Die Waiting for Health Care from VA

There’s a Huffington Post story that is suggesting that 248,000 soldiers have died waiting for Veterans Affairs health care. The whistleblower, Scott Davis, provided the Huffington Post with a Veterans Affairs report that includes this statistic. While there’s little doubt that the VA could be better, this statistic alone doesn’t really tell us much. For

Obama’s Torture Fail

Our Nobel Peace Prize President of the United States has failed in many ways, but there’s no greater failure than his unwillingness to pursue criminal charges against those in our government that decided to torture human beings. Both President Bush and Vice President Cheney have publicly admitted that they were not only aware of the

Obama hits Romney on Tax Policy

It didn’t take 24 hours before President Obama came out with an ad slamming his opponent, Mitt Romney, for failing to speak honestly about his tax policy. Romney claims that it’s simply not true that he’s calling for a $5 trillion tax cut. But the fact is, Romney wants a 20 percent reduction in the

The ad that destroyed Romney with his own words

In most presidential elections there’s one ad that stands out as The Ad. In 2004, that Swift boat rubbish knocked a weak John Kerry off his feeble game. I don’t recall one in 2008, Sarah Palin made it so easy for Obama, it wasn’t even necessary. In 2012, it’s this ad. The Obama campaign, using

Can Republican hatred of Obama spell victory in November?

On “Hardball” Tuesday, Chris Matthews made a point that in this election, for Republicans, it’s about hatred of President Obama more than it is a love affair with Mitt Romney. A recent CNN poll, highlights this point. When asked why Democrats and Republicans are voting for either Obama or Romney, here’s what respondents said. Among

Violence in Egypt Breaks Out

Today in Egypt, Mubarak supporters and pro-government gangs swept into Tahrir Square in Cairo and other places and violence broke out. Some of the men rode into Somouha, Alexandria on horses and camels. Others carried rocks, clubs and Molotov cocktails and attacked the peaceful anti-government demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Several hundred people have

Inside the White House: The State of the Union Address

At 9 p.m. Eastern time, President Obama is going to deliver his third State of the Union address. The White House released this video to show a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes leading up to tonight’s event.

President Barack ‘Argumentum Ad Populum’ Obama

According to recent polls, most Americans support tax cuts, and according to Obama, they support his recent compromise with Republicans to extend all of President Bush’s tax cuts for the middle class and millionaires alike. I don’t know if all of that is true. I can’t tell from the polls if Americans just like the

The Obama Fail

I’ve been pissing and moaning for the last couple of days. No, I don’t have a venereal disease. I’m pissed at President Obama, the Democrats in Congress and liberal apologists. Let’s face the facts here people. Obama sucks. That’s right, I said it. Obama. Sucks. Obama might be the worst president I’ve ever experienced in

There is a Difference Between Left and Right

When there’s a Republican president and a Republican Congress, the voices on the right duckwalk in lockstep with their conservative leaders. There may be an inconsequential chirp of dissatisfaction nibbling around the edges, but there’s nary a negative word uttered from the right about their leadership when they’re leading. But on the left, there’s critical

Krauthammer Accuses Obama of McCarthyism for Attacking Chamber of Commerce

On Fox News yesterday, conservative windbag Charles Krauthammer said Obama is making “an appeal to xenophobic fear” and guilty of McCarthy-esque baseless attacks. It’s the stock and trade of conservative ideologues to take what they are being accused of, and turning those same accusations against liberals, or in this case, Obama. By that I mean

Health Care Blamed for US Slump on Global Longevity Scale

The Democrats chose to “compromise” on health care and to govern like a bunch of pansies, and now they’re crapping their pants with the November elections looming. If they’d done what people elected them to do, which was end the wars and pass universal health care reform, they’d be in a lot stronger position. But

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Called Crazy Florida Pastor

If you want to get the attention of high ranking Obama administration officials, the message from today is clear, go nuts. Today, ABC News, among others, have confirmation from Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell that Defense Secretary Robert Gates telephoned Florida pastor Terry Jones this afternoon to discuss Jones’ plan to burn 1,000 Korans on

Fox and Friends Gretchen Carlson Thinks Obama Should ‘GBC – Give Bush Credit’

On Fox and Friends today, Gretchen Carlson wonders if President Obama will “GBC,” which in Carlson’s world, stands for “Give Bush Credit.” She was referring to Obama’s scheduled speech tonight about the Iraq war. It’s laughable to think that Obama would give Bush credit for ending the Iraq war. Bush isn’t the president. It’s entirely

Sarah Palin Proves Once Again How Dumb She Really Is

I know Sarah Palin’s supporters don’t give a rip about facts, details or being right, but Palin sure is wrong a lot. The former half-term governor of Alaska has put her proverbial foot in her mouth again. PolitiFact.com fact-checked her recent statement that “Democrats are poised now to cause this largest tax increase in US

Rightbloggers Gone Wild: The Pamela Geller Story

The Washington Times is a giant steaming pile of crap, and Pamela Geller’s column “Borderline Obama” adds another lump of fresh cow dung to the heap. She makes the feeble, and unsubstantiated, claim that President Obama is purposely leaving the border with Mexico unprotected so that terrorists can sneak into the country to kill Americans.

Paul Krugman Calls Mort Zuckerman a Liar

Mort Zuckerman is a liar. Like the vast majority of conservative commentators he lies through his teeth on a regular basis and his sloped-forward mouth-breathing readings go, “Yup. Uh-huh.” Well today, Paul Krugman calls out Zuckerman for a recent op-ed he wrote in the Financial Times. Zuckerman sprinkles right-wing lies throughout the entire story, but

Rightblogger Dick Morris: It’s Obama’s Fault Because He’s Black

Today, rightblogger Dick Morris said that Andrew Breitbart’s phony racist video of Shirley Sherrod, and her subsequent firing, is having its intended negative effect on Obama because Obama’s black. He didn’t say those exact words, but that’s Morris’ point. He believes, perhaps correctly, that anytime the right can make Obama deal with a race issue,

General McChrystal Fired

After Rolling Stone published a profile called “Runaway General” about General Stanley McChrystal, in which the Afghanistan commander criticized President Obama, Vice President Biden and Obama’s national security staff, McChrystal was fired. Technically, Obama accepted the general’s resignation, but in reality he was fired. Obama said today that McChrystal’s comments were not appropriate and they