income inequality

Income Inequality in the US Keeps Getting Worse

If you don’t care about income inequality, and you think the richest 20 percent of Americans should control 85 percent of our nation’s wealth, well, if you believe that, then these are good times for you. If however you see this huge cavern between the wealthiest incomes and the rest of us, you should be

The Bush Tax Cuts: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

The lame duck session of Congress reconvened today. The big issue confronting this congress is whether to extend the Bush tax cuts or to let them expire. This post was originally posted on

Everyone Does Better When There’s a Democratic President

Historically, whenever the Democrats are running the government, the economy does better and everyone gets richer. When the Republicans are in charge, the rich do slightly worse off than if Democrats were in charge, but they do way better than everyone else who suffers in squalor until Republicans are voted out of office. Here’s a

The Economy Sucks and it’s not Going to Get Better

It’s time for some tough love folks. The sad fact is that the economy sucks and there’s nothing we can do about it within the confines of our current political system – it’s rigged. Unemployment will continue to hover around 10 percent for years, with real unemployment at closer to 20 percent. Wages will continue