Paul Krugman: Financial Reform 101

Regulating the health insurance was a big effing deal, but reigning in the the banks is arguably far more critical to US economic stability. As usual, Economist Paul Krugman is your guide to all things economic, and today he broke down financial reform in simple and easy to understand terms. There are three groups of

Democrats Will Win Big in November If …

The consensus among the talking heads, political wonks, hacks and bloviators is that Democrats will lose big in November’s elections. The logic is that the party in the White House always gets their ass handed to them in the first election after the president takes office. That’s what happened in 1994 after Clinton beat Bush

Sarah Palin Says Obama is in Over His Head

Last week on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,” former half-term Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin is “interviewed” by Van Susteren who clearly has arranged this setup question with Palin so she can use some of her “zingers” against President Obama and health care reform.

Historic Health Care Reform Passes Despite Lies and Fear Mongering

Barack Obama has been talking about health care reform since 2007. Back then he talked about single-payer and universal health care – and you elected Obama with a landslide victory. While you didn’t get universal health care or single-payer – you did get health care reform.

Exposing the Truth about Reconciliation and the ‘Nuclear Option’

Almost all politicians stretch the truth, or outright lie, to convince people that what they’re doing is for their benefit. But what’s happening right now regarding a possible parliamentary move by Senate Democrats to use reconciliation to pass health care reform is just too much.

The Rachel Maddow Show: Republicans Go ‘Nuclear’ with Health Care Reform Lies

President Obama appears to have finally realized that Republicans will never support any effort to reform health care. On Wed., Obama is expected to release a plan to pass health care reform. According to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the president would like Republicans to not filibuster the bill in the Senate and allow a simple up-or-down vote, but that’s not going to happen.

Open Thread: The Filibuster

The filibuster is the issue I’m tracking today. There’s a lot going on with Senators seeking to change rules, Republicans threatening more filibusters and pundits trying to figure it all out.

Here’s what I have so far.

Should Democrats Call The GOP Filibuster Threat?

Holding up bills in the Senate is the Republican plan to prevent Obama and Democrats from scoring any political points. To accomplish this goal, Republicans are threatening to filibuster more than ever, and some Democrats want Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to call their bluff.

Rangel Ethics Documentation

Here are all of the three documents released on Friday by the House ethics panel admonishing Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) for ethics violations.

House Passes Bill Removing Anti-Trust Exemption From Insurance Companies

Today the US House of Representative passed a bill removing the anti-trust exemption from insurance companies. The legislation passed 406 to 19 after hours of debate over an amendment by Rep. Daniel Lungren (R-TX) that would provide a data-sharing exception to the bill. The amendment was not added to the bill, but Lungren still voted

How health lobbyists influenced reform bill

David Nexon had a big problem. An early version of national health care legislation contained a $40 billion tax aimed squarely at members of the medical device trade association he represents.

Open Health Care Up to the Free Market

Even a cursory examination of our current health care system reveals that it is not a free market. We need to end employer-provided health insurance as a benefit. People should purchase health care in a true free market. Congress needs to revoke the health insurance anti-trust exemption for it to work though.

Obama’s biggest mistake

President Obama continues to make the same mistake over and over again. From bankers, to members of Congress and even the American people, Obama keeps hoping everyone will just get along and find common ground.

Kristof: At root, universal health care is not an economic or technical question but a moral one.

Nicholas Kristof tells it like it is. If you oppose real health care reform, you are morally challenged, to say the least. Members of Congress who do not support real health care reform should loose their health insurance. They should be forced to rely on emergency room visits when they get sick. They should be the ones who die from lack of access to health care. It is their fault we don’t all have access to proper health care – period.

Obama fails in his promise to stop the overt influence of lobbyists in drawing up legislation

I was an idiot to believe him, but I really did think Obama meant what he said on the campaign trail about cleaning up Washington by ridding it of the influential lobbyists that craft legislation in our nation’s capitol. But according to Frank Rich’s latest column, and the shape of health care reform bills, it appears Obama has done nothing to stop the corrupt power of corporate money in DC.