Stupid Racist Republicans Don’t Get It

What really pisses me off about Republicans is that they are incapable of complex thought. That’s not entirely fair, some of them are capable of complex thought, they just prefer to avoid it.

For conservatives, every issue has been boiled down to some nugget of horse shit that they can then feed to the chattel that hang on their every word.

Take the George Zimmerman murder case.

The simple Republican version of the story goes like this …

“Zimmerman was protecting his neighborhood when this black kid decided to beat the crap of him one night for no reason. Wild-eyed black man hopped up on goofball. Fortunately Zimmerman had a gun and was able to kill the black kid.”

But even though the victim, Travyon Martin, was black, Zimmerman is hispanic, and therefore this is not a story about race in America, so says conservatives. How can it possibly be about race when the shooter is hispanic and the victim is black?

That’s the idiot’s version of what actually happened that night when this young man was murdered, and it completely misses the bigger picture issue.

You see black people in America are treated like shit a lot. They get pulled over more often while driving. They get looked at suspiciously for no reason other than the color of their skin. There are a lot of racists out there walking the streets, you probably work with a few.

So when a young black man is murdered on the street by a so-called neighborhood watch volunteer, they get it. They get it to the point where they can say to themselves, “Yeah, I can see that happening to me, or my son, or my daughter.”

In fact, the president did that very thing on television when Martin was murdered and when Zimmerman was acquitted.

But whether or not George Zimmerman is himself a racist is not only not known, it’s irrelevant. The greater issue isn’t whether or not Zimmerman is a racist, it’s that Florida has a law that allows an unarmed black man to be murdered on its streets, and for no one to be punished.

Under the old self-defense law, Zimmerman would have been convicted. He was in a truck. He was following Martin. Martin was on foot and unarmed. If Martin had had a gun and shot Zimmerman, he would have had a strong case to make under an old school self-defense law. Martin was the person being hunted down and eventually murdered.

These so-called stand your ground laws have got to go. Any law that makes it easier for people to kill other people is a bad law. And everyone knows who is going to end being killed more often than not, it’s people of color.

That is why this Martin murder case is absolutely about race, but that’s also why conservatives are dismissive of it. They don’t want to delve into the details of this case. They know what we’ll find if we do. We’ll find a bad law, pushed by a bad organization (NRA), supported by the Republican Party.

Remember, when President George W. Bush said that he didn’t do nuance, he was right because it’s in the nuances that you find the Truth. It’s better to keep people in line if you just give them the broad strokes and don’t ask them to think too deeply.

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