Will Obama become the first one-term black president?

The last time the Republican party was this disseminated, disorganized and dysfunctional was 1974 when Richard Nixon resigned following the Watergate scandal. I was too young to remember – only five days old when Nixon’s crew broke into that Democratic National Committee office – but I’m going to guess that Americans were sick of Republicans

Obama has lost the debate over health care reform

We need health care reform. No, we need health insurance reform. Um, no wait, we need a hybrid health insurance/care reform initiative to apparatus the needed cost overruns to achieve substantial system cohesion and continuity. Health care reform is a mess and it’s President Obama’s fault.

More on the moronic “death panel” debate with Keith Olbermann

The alleged debate over “death panels” that was started by Sarah Palin has resulted in legislative action. Apparently, Congress has removed a provision from the health care reform bills that would allow doctors to be reimbursed for end-of-life consultations. While there’s no evidence that this provision had anything to do with “death panels,” Congress continues to buckle under the pressure of Republican propaganda. Here’s a story Keith Olbermann did last night on this issue all-too-familiar scenario of Democrats caving.

Krugman: Can Obama let the dream of bipartisanship die?

Evidently Pres. Obama was telling the truth when he campaigned on bipartisanship. It’s too bad because it’s that goal of crossing-the-aisle that’s killing his agenda and his presidency. Is it too late, or can Obama still salvage health care reform?

Viva H.L. Mencken: The Democracy Joke

Whenever I read anything by H.L. Mencken I always have a strong connection to who I think was Mencken. Of course, I have no idea what Mencken was really like, but his voice blares through his writing. It’s impossible for me to imagine him pulling any punches or faking it. yp85d9wb4z

Dossier: The Media Research Center

The Media Research Center is a conservative non-profit organization founded in 1987 by L. Brent Bozell III. This dossier is a living document set to better understand this group, its members and its motives.

The Public Record: Sarah Palin’s Tweets as Governor of Alaska

Maintaining a thorough public record is vital to historians who might want to know the ignorant stuff we, and our leaders, talked about. To preserve the public record, I’ve documented all of the tweets available on Sarah Palin’s Twitter account as of Aug. 10, 2009

The Ruse of Revolution

Anyone who has taken a critical look at the American Revolution can clearly see that it was not a revolution. To be a revolution, a great shift in the power structure of the classes must occur. That didn’t happen in our “revolution” because the power struggle was not between different classes, but rather it was a fight for power among the powerful.

Blackwater Gate: Military Privatization Threatens Democracy

Privatization of the military has reached epic proportions and Blackwater Gate signals just one glaring problem with outsourcing wars to corporate america. If Obama doesn’t confront this problem, the consequences could be catestrophic for our democracy.

The Knights Templar, Knights of Malta and Blackwater’s Erik Prince

Erik Prince and his various companies such as Blackwater, Greystone Limited and others have been linked in court documents and other reporting to a shadow entity of the Catholic church that is allegedly using the “war on terror” as a conduit to wage a modern day “crusade” against Islam.

OK I get why Bush liked having Blackwater in Iraq, but why does Obama?

The defense contractor Blackwater, or whatever it’s called now, and its owner Erik Prince have been, or are now, accused of murder, tax evation and waging a crusade to rid the world of Muslims. While it’s not hard to President Bush being onboard with a plan like that – he always seemed to love a good holy war – why does President Obama continue to allow Blackwater to operate in Iraq?

Why so many people try so hard to protect the wealthy

Since the beginning, the rich and powerful have used the poor and lower-classes to protect their wealth and positions of power. We are seeing this play out in the health care debate today. People who could benefit from reform fight so hard to protect the interests of health insurance companies, Big Pharma and the politicians they carry around in their back pockets. Howard Zinn explains how this happened in his book “A People’s History of the United States.”