Obama hits Romney on Tax Policy

It didn’t take 24 hours before President Obama came out with an ad slamming his opponent, Mitt Romney, for failing to speak honestly about his tax policy. Romney claims that it’s simply not true that he’s calling for a $5 trillion tax cut. But the fact is, Romney wants a 20 percent reduction in the

Punditocracy says Romney beat Obama to a pulp in first debate

I watched the debate between Mitt Obama last night, but apparently I watched a much different debate performance than the cable new punditocracy did. My reaction was that while Romney didn’t fail, he didn’t nail it either. Obama made some good arguments while Romney continued with his broad strokes short on details and heavy on bold and

Romney plans to raise taxes on retirees, working poor and veterans

On “Face the Nation” Sunday, Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said that Mitt Romney will lay out a plan during Wednesday’s debate to raise taxes on retirees, veterans and the working poor. Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer asked Christie about a video that’s surfaced of Romney slamming 47 percent of Americans who don’t

The ad that destroyed Romney with his own words

In most presidential elections there’s one ad that stands out as The Ad. In 2004, that Swift boat rubbish knocked a weak John Kerry off his feeble game. I don’t recall one in 2008, Sarah Palin made it so easy for Obama, it wasn’t even necessary. In 2012, it’s this ad. The Obama campaign, using

Mittens Releases his Tax Returns with a Friday News Dump

Oh, how sneaking, Mitt Romney releases his 2011 tax returns with a Friday news dump. His plan might work, maybe everyone will forget by Monday that he’s running for president and goosed his returns to bump his tax rate up above 14 percent. Maybe, but I doubt it. Here is the return. Mitt Romney 2011

Really? Romney is Running on “Grandma is a Freeloader”

Let me get this straight. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is now running on a platform that retirees are a bunch of deadbeats who need to, “GET A JOB, SIR! THE BUMS LOST! THE BUMS WILL ALWAYS LOSE!” Social Security beneficiaries make up a big chunk of the 47 percent of the electorate who Romney says

Here You Go Mittens, the Full Video of Your Ignorant Comments

Here’s the full video of Romney yucking it up with his wealthy friends down in Boca Raton, Fl. when he said that he doesn’t give a rip about retired people, poor people, or anyone else who intends to vote for Obama. In other words, if Mittens wins in November, you don’t matter. That’s a hell

Romney’s 47 Percent Don’t Pay Taxes Lie

I can’t say for certain that Romney is lying, he could just be wrong, but let’s assume that Romney is as brilliant as he claims to be. If that’s the case, Romney is a lying piece of garbage when he says 47 percent of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes and are therefore dependent on

Leaked Romney Video Could be a Bombshell

On her show last night, Rachel Maddow said that Monday was quite possibly the worst day in politics for the Mitt Romney campaign since the Romney got the nomination. “But that was even before the news broke late today of something that is likely to make things considerably worse for Mr. Romney and his campaign,”

Paul Ryan Palling Around with Terrorists

On Friday, The Rachel Maddow Show highlighted an interesting twist in this year’s presidential election. It appears that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is actually palling around with terrorists — maybe. Remember in 2008, when then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of “palling around with terrorists” because he knows William Ayers? On Friday,

Rachel Maddow provides context to Libya US consulate attack

On her show last night, Rachel Maddow provided some context to what’s happening in Libya, that is unfortunately unique in modern news media reporting. Maddow said that in order to understand what’s going in Libya, one has to understand what’s happened in al-Qaeda since Osama bin Laden was killed in May 2011. After bin Laden’s

Can Republican hatred of Obama spell victory in November?

On “Hardball” Tuesday, Chris Matthews made a point that in this election, for Republicans, it’s about hatred of President Obama more than it is a love affair with Mitt Romney. A recent CNN poll, highlights this point. When asked why Democrats and Republicans are voting for either Obama or Romney, here’s what respondents said. Among

The World Trade Center Towers Were Demolished

It’s pretty clear, based on eye witness accounts, that both World Trade Center towers were blown up. This doesn’t mean that 9/11 was necessarily an “inside job.” What it means is that someone placed explosives in the buildings before the planes struck the buildings. Given that terrorists attempted to demolish the World Trade Center towers

MSNBC runs September 11, 2001 ‘The Today Show’

On the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2011, MSNBC is re-airing the “The Today Show” and it’s complete coverage of this tragedy. The frantic coverage from NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer and Tom Brokaw is chilling. Miklaszewski was in the Pentagon when it was attacked and was clearly shaken, but remained at professional as

Paul Ryan Says he and Romney to Create 12 Million Jobs

Republican Vice President candidate Paul Ryan was on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday. One of the first questions, Stephanopoulos asked Ryan was about his claim that a Romney administration would create 12 million new jobs. Stephanopoulos said that economists, such as those at Moody’s, are expecting 12 million new jobs regardless of who the president is, so

Scarborough: A real conservative would be beating Obama

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” slammed Mitt Romney on Saturday, tweeting, “A real conservative would be winning now.” Scarborough, 49, a Republican and a former congressman from Florida said, “Romney will lose if he doesn’t dramatically change his strategy. Negative ads won’t substitute for conservative ideas.” Read this story on Examiner.com.

2012 presidential debate schedule

Here’s the debate schedule for this year’s presidential election. October 3, 2012 The first presidential debate is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. eastern time at the University of Denver. The topic is to be domestic policy with host Jim Lehrer. The debate will focus on domestic policy and broken up into six time segment

New York Times reporter misses the mark

The New York Times likes to brag about how it’s the most amazing newspaper the world has ever known. And its New York Times Magazine is supposed to offer more depth then even the old gray lady can. But this article published today headlined “How Much Has Citizens United Changed the Political Game?” offers glib