Remember Labor Organizer Frank Little

On August 1, 1917, labor organizer Frank Little was taken forcibly from his boarding house in Butte, Montana, and was lynched from a railroad trestle. In the summer of 1917, Frank had been helping to organize copper workers in a strike against the Anaconda Copper Company, but it was most likely his stand against World

White House Geeks Answer YouTube Questions

Despite the technical glitches, White House staff answers some pretty good questions about everything from No Child Left Behind, Iran sanctions, felon voting rights, Afghanistan, carbon taxing, the bank bailouts and more.

Open Health Care Up to the Free Market

Even a cursory examination of our current health care system reveals that it is not a free market. We need to end employer-provided health insurance as a benefit. People should purchase health care in a true free market. Congress needs to revoke the health insurance anti-trust exemption for it to work though.

The Great American Decline brought to you by General Electric, Halliburton and Cigna

If you listen to wind-bags like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity you’d think that America is the greatest country ever formed and anyone who disagrees with them is a commie-terrorist-socialist-bastard. But if you look at where we’ve been, and more importantly, where we’re headed, the United States of America is no longer, if it ever was, the greatest country in the world.

Eugene Debs in 1904 speaking about labor unions

The members of a trades union should be taught … that the labor movement means more, infinitely more, than a paltry increase in wages and the strike necessary to secure it; that while it engage to do all that possibly can be done to better the working conditions of its members …