Iraq War

Somebody had to say it, Thanks Frank Rich

The war in Iraq was a failure. We’re leaving. The US has drawn down its troop levels to 50,000. The much-hyped “surge” was not a success. The goals of the war stated by President George W. Bush never materialized and now we’re heading home. The country that the soldiers is returning to is a shell

The War in Iraq Is Not Over

The Obama administration, and NBC, have been telling us for the past couple of weeks that on August 31, 2010 the war in Iraq ended – kaput. Actually, the war is not over. Many of the 50,000 US soldiers that remain Iraq, and the mercenaries we’re paying big bucks to fight for us, will be

Fox and Friends Gretchen Carlson Thinks Obama Should ‘GBC – Give Bush Credit’

On Fox and Friends today, Gretchen Carlson wonders if President Obama will “GBC,” which in Carlson’s world, stands for “Give Bush Credit.” She was referring to Obama’s scheduled speech tonight about the Iraq war. It’s laughable to think that Obama would give Bush credit for ending the Iraq war. Bush isn’t the president. It’s entirely

The Iraq War Ending, but Have we Won?

Tomorrow, President Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver a speech about the Iraq War. August 31 marks the official end to combat operations in a war that has dragged on for more than seven years. It’s also been seven years since President George W. Bush delivered his famous “Mission Accomplished” speech on May 1, 2003.

U.S.-Iraq Status of Forces Agreement, 2008

Agreement Between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq On the Withdrawal of United States Forces from Iraq and the Organization of Their Activities during Their Temporary Presence in Iraq Preamble The United States of America and the Republic of Iraq, referred to hereafter as “the Parties┬┤┬┤: Recognizing the importance of: strengthening

Jeffrey Goldberg Is a Propagandist Masquerading as a Journalist

The new cover story for The Atlantic says, “Israel is getting ready to bomb Iran: How, Why and What it means.” Inside there’s a story by Jeffrey Goldberg, “The Point of No Return,” which details how and why Israel will launch a bombing campaign against Iran. Unfortunately, Goldberg isn’t a journalist. He’s a propagandist. He

President George W. Bush Lied To You

I know most people are cynical and expect their political leaders to lie to their face on a daily basis and the news that President George W. Bush lied to the American people, the soldiers fighting in Iraq and the world about what was really going in Iraq is sadly not news. I’m reading Bob

Reaction to the WikiLeaks Video Showing Journalists Gunned Down in Iraq

The reaction to the video of US soldiers callously gunning down 12 people, including two Reuters employees, in Baghdad has been overwhelmingly shock and aw. One Youtuber said, “This video has seriously got me ‘shooting’ vulgarities! They thought they are playing some kind of arcade game. … They are lives for goodness sake!” During and

WikiLeaks Video of US Military Killing Innocent Civilians in Iraq

Watching this video will ruin your day. What it shows is the US military killing two journalists, several Iraqis and shooting two children on July 12, 2007. While it appears that a couple of men have weapons, they appear to be just talking to one another and are not engaging in combat whatsoever. Two of

Krugman Calls Out Deficit Fear-mongering

Here we go again. Just like in 2003, groupthink is sweeping the nation. When the war drums were beating their loudest to attack Iraq, the media and pundits were onboard with the Bush administration lies. No one challenged what everyone knew to be true – that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and he was going to attack the US. Now seven years later, we’re back at it again, but this time it’s that deadly deficit that will surely kill you and your family before the year is through.

Complete Text of President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Speech (Video)

This is the complete text of President Obama’s State of the Union delivered on Jan. 27, 2010 and transcribed by the White House. The topics were health care, war, economy, bipartisanship, transparency, gays in the military and a bunch of other stuff. The complete text is presented here to maintain the public record and inform the country and world about what Obama said. I’ll leave the question of why he said these things to be decoded by other people much smarter than I.

The Nation: Judge refuses to dismiss war crimes case against Blackwater

On Wednesday, a federal judge rejected a series of arguments by lawyers for the mercenary firm formerly known as Blackwater seeking to dismiss five high-stakes war crimes cases brought by Iraqi victims against both the company and its owner, Erik Prince. At the same time, Judge TS Ellis III sent the Iraqis’ lawyers back to the legal drawing board to amend and refile their cases, saying that the Iraqi plaintiffs need to provide more specific details on the alleged crimes before a final decision can be made on whether or not the lawsuits will proceed.

The Great American Decline brought to you by General Electric, Halliburton and Cigna

If you listen to wind-bags like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity you’d think that America is the greatest country ever formed and anyone who disagrees with them is a commie-terrorist-socialist-bastard. But if you look at where we’ve been, and more importantly, where we’re headed, the United States of America is no longer, if it ever was, the greatest country in the world.

Krugman: Cassandras of Climate

Paul Krugman has moved past the current health care reform debate and onto the next big problem – global warming. Kudos to Krugman for trying to stay ahead of the game of political discourse and trying to push the case for real environmental reform, but getting American capitalists to pollute less is going to make the health care debate look like a stroll through Central Park on warm summer day.

Another case filed against Erik Prince’s Blackwater by Iraqis

On Sept. 9, 2009, another civil case was filed against Blackwater founder Erik Prince for allegedly masterminding a holy war campaign in Iraq to kill Iraqis.

The plaintiffs allege the on Sept. 9, 2007, a Blackwater employee Evan Liberty recklessly drove through the streets of Baghdad firing his weapon without reason or regard to who he was shooting. As a result, one of the defendants was shot in the head, another in the leg and the other two claim “assault by gunfire.”

Blackwater contractors accused of killing as many Iraqis as possible

Private security guards who worked for Blackwater repeatedly shot wildly into the streets of Baghdad without regard for civilians long before they were involved in a 2007 shooting episode that left at least 14 Iraqis dead, federal prosecutors charge in a new court document. Read the entire New York Times story.

The Afghanistan Quagmire

President Obama is ratcheting up the war in Afghanistan with no plan for victory. He needs to read up on the mistakes of Vietnam and avoid them. Vietnam wasn’t that long ago, we still many of the veterans from that war on the street corners.