Income Inequality in the US Keeps Getting Worse

If you don’t care about income inequality, and you think the richest 20 percent of Americans should control 85 percent of our nation’s wealth, well, if you believe that, then these are good times for you. If however you see this huge cavern between the wealthiest incomes and the rest of us, you should be

The GOP Is Dead

I’ve said this with total seriousness at least 3 times in my life, but this time, I think it’s true. The GOP is dead. There’s no possible way for the Republican Party to recover from Donald Trump. It will eventually come up that Trump engaged in unethical and criminal behavior while GOP leaders knew about

Evidence #324 that Stupid People Are Breeding

This week a 4-year-old kid fell into a gorilla enclosure at a zoo and zoo personnel killed the gorilla to save the boy’s life. Obviously everyone was freaked out that a zoo would have a gorilla exhibit that a 4-year-old could fall into. Not exactly. Social networks lit up with crazy ass motherfuckers, some of

Is this Story Real? 248,000 Veterans Die Waiting for Health Care from VA

There’s a Huffington Post story that is suggesting that 248,000 soldiers have died waiting for Veterans Affairs health care. The whistleblower, Scott Davis, provided the Huffington Post with a Veterans Affairs report that includes this statistic. While there’s little doubt that the VA could be better, this statistic alone doesn’t really tell us much. For

CIA Director Calls Torturers “Patriots”

I don’t know what the fuck country CIA Director John Brennan lives in, but in the country I live in, people who torture living creatures, particularly fellow human beings, are sick fucks who should be in prison. They are not “patriots.” Brennan, also known as Cunt or The Cunt to his friends, admits that it

Obama’s Torture Fail

Our Nobel Peace Prize President of the United States has failed in many ways, but there’s no greater failure than his unwillingness to pursue criminal charges against those in our government that decided to torture human beings. Both President Bush and Vice President Cheney have publicly admitted that they were not only aware of the

The Nation: FBI Burglar Breaks 43 Years of Silence

The Nation has an excerpt from a newly-released book about one of the FBI burglars who stole and leaked documents exposing the extent of J. Edgar Hoover’s “massive, clandestine political spying and extreme, even violent, dirty tricks operations.” The book is about admitted burglar Judi Feingold and her life underground since the 1971 break-in. While

Equality and Progress

Since I was a kid in the ’70s and ’80s when people openly calls gay men fags, we’ve come a long way. While there will always remain a loud sliver of the population that just can’t progress, the rest of us have moved on. That’s the message from the courts today, the ballot box and

FACT: Glenn Greenwald is a journalist

“I’m going to settle this once and for all. Glenn Greenwald is a fucking journalist.” “Anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot.” “And does one need to be a journalist to speak Truth to Power?”

Stupid Racist Republicans Don’t Get It

What really pisses me off about Republicans is that they are incapable of complex thought. That’s not entirely fair, some of them are capable of complex thought, they just prefer to avoid it. For conservatives, every issue has been boiled down to some nugget of horse shit that they can then feed to the chattel

Embattled Governor Hires High-powered DC Lawyer

You know you’re in trouble when you find yourself looking up Emmet Flood’s phone number. Flood is a high-priced DC lawyer that is good at getting powerful people out of sticky situations. Flood represented President Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings. He was also deputy White House counsel to President George W. Bush. Now good

July 9, 2013: The Social Wars

Now that the Supreme Court is cool with gay people getting married, challenges to state bans on gay matrimony are now underway. The newest state challenge is in Pennsylvania. HuffPost. New York Times. On Monday a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order on a new Wisconsin law restricting access to abortion. The law, which Wisconsin

$6 Billion to Run Your Car on Corn

As everyone knows, ethanol is a scam. First of all, it never makes sense to take what should be a food crop and turn it into energy. It’s a fools errand. But that’s what government mandated ethanol does. The mandate creates a market for more than a third of all US corn production every year

Can I Rub Your Belly?

It’s trending. Republican lawmakers in several states have passed, or tried to pass, bills requiring that a doctor squirt lube all over a woman’s stomach and then rub it with a wand, all before allowing her to have an abortion. Now that’s government action. Let’s pass a similar law, but for guns. If you want

Why I Won’t Stand for Rand

For US Senators who are asked why they did not stand by Sen. Rand Paul during his filibuster of President Obama’s CIA director appointee, simply read this. I did not stand with Rand Paul in his recent filibuster of President Obama’s CIA director because the Kentucky senator is an idiot. Ron Paul, Senator Paul’s father,

Bqhatevwr: Scott Brown is a Liar

Former Republican Sen. Scott Brown from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a liar, and he’s not even very good at it. Last month Brown appeared to be drunk tweeting political opponents late one night when he sent a tweet “Bqhatevwr.” In an interview with a local reporter, Brown said that the tweet was simply a “pocket tweet.”

Is America the Next Rome?

The American political system is broken. The US Congress is incapable of passing any meaningful legislation to solve the nation’s most pressing problems. Therefore, the United States of America’s best days are behind her and she is dying a slow death. I said this back in 2000 and 2004 when George W. Bush was elected


The time for real gun regulation and mental health treatment was years ago. In the wake of yet another mass killing by an armed gunman that left 20 children and 6 adults dead at an elementary school in Newtown Conn., now is the time to for politicians to stop quivering in the shadow of the

Remember Labor Organizer Frank Little

On August 1, 1917, labor organizer Frank Little was taken forcibly from his boarding house in Butte, Montana, and was lynched from a railroad trestle. In the summer of 1917, Frank had been helping to organize copper workers in a strike against the Anaconda Copper Company, but it was most likely his stand against World

Democrats in the poll position for a net gain of three US Senate seats

There are seven seats that could switch party control this year. At this point, I see the Democrats possibly picking up five seats and the Republicans two. That’s a net gain of three seats for the Democrats, bumping their majority up to 56. That’s still not enough to overcome a Republican filibuster, and it’s too