Bqhatevwr: Scott Brown is a Liar

Former Republican Sen. Scott Brown from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a liar, and he’s not even very good at it.

Last month Brown appeared to be drunk tweeting political opponents late one night when he sent a tweet “Bqhatevwr.”

In an interview with a local reporter, Brown said that the tweet was simply a “pocket tweet.”

One of his daughters was apparently teaching him how to use Twitter. As the story goes, he put the phone in his pocket and when he woke up the next day, his tweets had gone viral.

The problem with this story is that it’s total bullshit.

While it’s perhaps remotely possible that he tweeted “Bqhatevwr” on accident, but are we really supposed to believe that he also accidentally tweeted, the word “Whatever” and the grammatically incorrect phrase, “Your brilliant Matt”?

Those last two tweets came right after “Bqhatevwr.” It’s simply impossible to believe that he didn’t send them himself.

So what this means is that Brown was likely intoxicated and drunk tweeting. Why else would he lie about sending those tweets?

And it makes sense, because it’s probably true that he doesn’t know jack about social media, and drunk tweeting is something a noob would do.

The fact that Brown is a liar is not big news. He’s a politician. But to be so bad at it is just pathetic.

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