Review: Dreadnaut Mechanical Mod Clone

Dreadnaut mechanical mod clone

Dreadnaut mechanical mod clone

I’m new to mechanical mod vaporizers. My first one is a Dreadnaut clone that I bought for $50 on eBay.

This mod, like most, don’t come with coils. So I used some 28-gauge Kanthal. I turned it 7 times on a 2mm rod. That gave me 1.5 ohms. That worked, but it was a bit slow to heat up, so I made a new coil at 1 ohm.

While this Dreadnaut clone works, my biggest problem with it is that the button kind of sucks. The design of the button demands that the button be manufactured perfectly so that it makes clean contact with Dreadnaut’s body. Because the button isn’t manufactured to perfection, I had to push the button to the side to press it against the body of the vaporizer in order to make it fire. As a result, the voltage to the coil is often inconsistent and spotty.

For that reason, I don’t recommend the Dreadnaut. I’d be surprised if the authenticate Dreadnaut doesn’t suffer from this same problem. I just think it’s a flawed design, but what do I know?

Update I actually “fixed” this Dreadnaut clone and now it fires every time no question. All I did was I inserted a washer between the post and the button. I unscrewed the bottom part where the button is located, unscrewed the block insert using my ceramic tipped tweezers and removed the spring and button. On the button there’s a post that makes contact with the battery when the button is pressed. I unscrewed that post from the button and slipped a quarter inch flat washer between it and the button. The only problem was that if I put that black plastic piece back in and screwed it down tight, the post stuck up and made contact with the battery, so I just backed that black thing out a bit so that the post is depressed and away from the battery. I’m not entirely sure why this fixes the Dreadnaut clone, perhaps the part of the button that makes contact with the body of the atomizer isn’t tall enough and this fixes that, I don’t know, but it works great now with steady voltage and no dicking around with the button to make it fire.

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