Paladino Goes Dirty With Duty

Carl Paladino Andrew Cuomo Poopy Flyer

Carl Paladino Andrew Cuomo Poopy Flyer

The Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York is Carl Paladino. Paladino has produced and is distributing a poster of Democratic opponent Andrew Cuomo that shows Cuomo in the shower covered in shit.

Yes. It’s true. And this is just the beginning, according to the Paladino campaign.

The Times Union Capitol Confidential blogger Jimmy Vielkind has the story.

Carl Paladino’s campaign is sending this flyer to its e-mail lists and encouraging Tea Party supporters to print it out. I offer it here without comment. Except Paladino guru Mike Caputo’s explanation.

“We’re going to continue beating on Andrew Cuomo until he comes out and answers questions and agrees to a series of debates,” he said. “Every day, every week, we’re going to come up with any creative solution we can to make that happen. Today, it’s Andrew in the shower. Tomorrow, watch this space.”

Wow. I mean – WOW!

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