Obama’s Torture Fail

Our Nobel Peace Prize President of the United States has failed in many ways, but there’s no greater failure than his unwillingness to pursue criminal charges against those in our government that decided to torture human beings.

Both President Bush and Vice President Cheney have publicly admitted that they were not only aware of the torture, but they ordered it. That’s where I would start. If your suspects go on national television and openly admit to being war criminals. At least one person died. So that’s murder.

But our constitutional law professor president didn’t want to bother with justice, rule of law, all that crap. It’s just best to move on.

In America a black man can be choked to death for selling loose cigarettes for 50 cents. That murder can be caught on video, and no charges brought. A black man jaywalks and ends up being gunned down on the street in broad daylight with multiple witnesses, and that’s OK. The president and vice president can admit to torturing brown people, violating the law, possibly guilty of war crimes, on national television, and no charges get brought.

This just isn’t right. Obama shouldn’t be allowed to ignore flagrant violations of our constitution and laws. It shouldn’t be up to him, but it is and I guess Madison’s vision of virtuous men leading the republic was just a good bit of marketing spin.

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