Obama Lost His Temper Today

President Obama got mad today. He’s mad at his critics on the left who are angry over the extension of Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. During a press conference today he shouted about how this is a diverse country and that not everyone agrees with him.

President-elect Obama

President-elect Obama

I like to compare George W. Bush with Obama because Bush is so fresh in our minds and they are so different.

I disagreed with just about every single decision Bush made during his 8 years as president, but he got things done. Bush didn’t care if people liked what he was doing, he was doing it anyway. He passed huge tax cuts. He launched two wars. He tortured human beings out of revenge. He setup an illegal wiretapping program. He gutted the regulatory agencies. And the list goes on.

Bush called himself the Decider. He always said he didn’t govern based on the latest poll numbers, and from what I can tell, he didn’t.

Obama on the other hand is the Compromiser.

He campaigned on the public option for health care reform, but never pushed for it because he was worried what people would think of him if he did. Obama was afraid they’d call him a socialist. They did that anyway. He ended up signing a watered-down health insurance mandate that the insurance industry seems totally fine with because it forces 30 million Americans to purchase their product without any real competition. Cha-ching.

And now this week Obama caved on extending the Bush tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. While workers are expected to work longer hours for less pay, to carry a heavier financial burden for health care, and if the GOP has its way, to work a few more years until retiring, the rich just keep getting richer.

In two years, when the deficit is even larger than it is now, who do you think the GOP is going to be blaming? Obama. Democrats. Liberals. When unemployment is still at 10 percent, who is going to get blamed for that? Obama. Democrats. Liberals.

But rather than pushing for legislation that could actually help middle class and poor families, Obama acquiesces over and over again to the minority party for the benefit of the richest people in America. And now that his base is lashing out at him for his non-decision decision, Obama is mad.

Sometimes it’s OK to pander to your base Mr. President. Sometimes that’s good politics. At least once … that would be nice.

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