More Evidence that the GOP has been taken over by Conspiracy Nuts

SarahPAC Crosshairs on Democrats

SarahPAC Crosshairs on Democrats

Where does the GOP go from here? Now that the party has been taken over by conspiracy nuts, racists and other loons, where does that leave them?

Over the weekend a “Christian militia” was taken out by the FBI over its plot to murder a police officer and then attack the funeral procession with IEDs.

In a matter of hours, Greg Reynolds at Instadick Instapundit defended these homegrown terrorists.


Convenient for what exactly?

Here’s what Media Matters for America figures.

Reynolds, along with other right-wing bloggers, suggested the arrests were politically motivated. The theory seemed to be that the bust was part of a government plot to, I guess, make the Christian militia look bad, as well as conservatives in general.

So does that mean that any time a right-wing lunatic fringe group is raided by the FBI – it’s not to stop a terrorist plot but to make conservatives look bad? Why would this make conservatives look bad? And why would the FBI want to make conservatives look bad? That assumes that the FBI has now been infiltrated by leftists. I find that hard to believe, but then again, I’m not a conspiracy nut.

All I can say is that, while the raid didn’t initially make conservatives look bad, it sure does now.

They did the same thing when that guy in Texas crashed his plane into an IRS building.

The GOP has a real nutcase problem.

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