July 9, 2013: The Social Wars

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Now that the Supreme Court is cool with gay people getting married, challenges to state bans on gay matrimony are now underway.

The newest state challenge is in Pennsylvania. HuffPostNew York Times.

On Monday a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order on a new Wisconsin law restricting access to abortion. The law, which Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed on Friday would impose strict government regulations and mandates on abortion clinics, doctors and patients.

According to this New York Times blurb, the judge took issue with the section of the law requiring doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

Apparently the judge was OK with the part of the law which mandates that a doctor administer a possibly medically unnecessary ultrasound before performing an abortion.

If you’re a woman, the state of Wisconsin wants to lube your belly and rub it with a special wand to shame you into changing her mind.

What happened to small government conservatism? Oh right, it’s been supplanted by right-wing social warriors like Walker.

And in other news, the women kidnapped in Ohio have finally spoken out in a short video. New York Times

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