Is this Story Real? 248,000 Veterans Die Waiting for Health Care from VA

Veterans Affairs report "Analysis of Death Sources"

Veterans Affairs report “Analysis of Death Sources”

There’s a Huffington Post story that is suggesting that 248,000 soldiers have died waiting for Veterans Affairs health care.

The whistleblower, Scott Davis, provided the Huffington Post with a Veterans Affairs report that includes this statistic.

While there’s little doubt that the VA could be better, this statistic alone doesn’t really tell us much. For starters, the data goes all the way back to 1998. Over the course of 17 years, people, including veterans, will die. Does that mean that they died because they were stuck in the bureaucracy of the VA? I don’t see that connection.

What this story appears to highlight, more than anything, is the VA’s poor record keeping.

We absolutely need to do a much better job of taking care of veterans and any effort that results in that is a good thing. What pisses me off about these sorts of apparently partisan attacks is that it gives Republican politicians fodder to blast the Obama administration while their own record of not funding the Veterans Administration goes unchecked.

So take this story with a grain of salt, perhaps it has legs and is based on substance, but until that’s proven, it’s little more than click-bait.

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