How the credit card industry stole $80 from me

I run an online business that accepts payments via Paypal. It’s a subscription model, so people are billed every month. One of my customers got caught up in one of the giant hacks at Target or Home Deport, or whatever. In response to her card getting stolen, the bank challenged every single charge on her card, including four months of my subscription service payments.

And despite my customer saying that these charges are not fraudulent, and the evidence that I provided showing that I delivered the service my customer paid for, the charges were deemed fraudulent.

I’m actually fine with them just returning my customer her money, we worked out and she’s paying with a check now. It’s just easier. But what grinds my gears is that I got dinged $20 per transaction for a grand total of $80. That’s $80 that the credit card industry just took from me for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It should be a fucking crime. If I walked up to someone and took $80 out of their wallet, I’d go to jail. These fucking banks and credit card companies are nothing more than common criminals.

And this isn’t the first time these pricks took my money. But fortunately my customers are enjoying the option of paying by check. I appreciate having less to do with those dirtbag credit card companies and banks. Fucking assholes.

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