CIA Director Calls Torturers “Patriots”

CIA John Brennan Defends Torture

CIA John Brennan Defends Torture

I don’t know what the fuck country CIA Director John Brennan lives in, but in the country I live in, people who torture living creatures, particularly fellow human beings, are sick fucks who should be in prison. They are not “patriots.”

Brennan, also known as Cunt or The Cunt to his friends, admits that it is “unknowable” if information gleaned from torturing humans amounted to actionable intelligence, but according to Cunt, it was worth it.

In a speech Thursday, Cunt said, “we have not concluded that it was the use of EIT’s within that program that allowed us to obtain useful information from detainees subjected to them.”

When Cunt says “EIT” he’s referring to Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, which is long-hand for torture.

Douchebags like Brennan can talk all the shit they want about how it’s totally worth it to torture people, but everyone knows that it’s disgusting and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing our fear to get the best of us as a nation. People died as a result of these “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

It’s about time someone goes to prison for this crap.

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