Carl Paladino Ad Falls Short on Substance

Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino dropped tens of thousands of dollars to buy 3 minutes of TV air time to run an ad that said nothing new.

Paladino billed the ad as a “major announcement.” It wasn’t a major announcement. Paladino said the same things he’s been saying all along.

He complained about the press asking him questions about his affair from 10 years ago.

“Andrew’s prowess is legendary,” Paladino said of his opponent Andrew Cuomo. He thinks it’s bullshit that the press asks him about his cheating but not Cuomo’s.

He’s also pissed that, as he claims, the New York Post has been trying to take photographs of his 10-year-old daughter that came from the affair. The New York Post denies that they tried to photograph the girl, but it is the Post so …

Then Paladino challenges Cuomo to a debate, which he’s been doing for weeks now.

“Come out and debate like a man,” Paladino said in his “You’re such a pussy” bravado.

And then towards the end of the ad, Nancy Naples pops in to ask for money.

“Paladino is outgunned,” Naples said. The former State Motor Vehicles Commissioner pleaded, “Paladino’s campaign needs your urgent help.”

She’s right, but I don’t know if money is the problem. The latest poll by Quinnipiac University has Cuomo up by 18 points over Paladino.

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