Blogger Breaks up With Wired Because of Boobs

I’ve never heard of Cindy Royal before, and besides the name sounds fake. But apparently she blogs about journalism and technology – who doesn’t?

Well, this week Royal published a rather lengthy post telling Wired that they’re breaking up because the magazine put boobs on the cover.

Royal just couldn’t take it anymore. Boobs. Boobs. Boobs. She hates boobs so much that she posted a scan of the Wired boob cover on her blog post – front and center. That’s it to your right.

Her complaint is actually less about boobs than it is about what she perceives as Wired’s misogynistic editorial policies.

She said “the last time that a woman was featured on your cover, because she was being featured in the magazine for an actual accomplishment, was way back in 1996 when it was Sherry Turkle.”

There was Martha Stewart and Sarah Silverman, but Royal says those women don’t count. Is it because they don’t have big enough boobs? They aren’t “real women”?

“So, I’m breaking up with you,” Royal blogged. “As much as it pains me, really, deeply pains me, I can no longer stick around for this abuse.”

Her stunt worked. She’s getting lots of clicks on her blog, and even a Wired editor commented on her post.

That’s why putting boobs on the cover works. It sells.

And let’s be real here, it’s 2010, can we begin to start to recognize that we are actually sexual creatures that respond to sexy stuff. It works. Or perhaps we really should return to the Victorian Age when we were all so proper? If we do, I want to be a dandy.

You can read Royal’s blog post here.

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