Will Republicans Elect This guy as Their Nominee for Governor?

Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino

The available evidence is that Carl Paladino is a racist sexist pig. In April, WNYmedia.net published a treasure trove of e-mail messages Paladino sent depicting bestiality, straight up porn and racist videos portraying Obama as a monkey. Paladino could win the GOP nomination to run for governor of New York tonight.

It’s not just the disgusting e-mail messages he sent that makes Paladino a hilarious candidate, his platform is also crazy.

Paladino is running on a platform to create poor farms by re-purposing “half-empty minimum-security correctional facilities.” He said if he becomes governor he will ship out the prisoners and fill the prison with poor people. Once there, and part of the Paladino’s Dignity Corps, inmates poor people will be given “meals, work clothes, wages, housing” and they’ll learn “life and work skills they need to have a fulfilling life.”

Go New York!

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