The Next Decade Will be one of Ignorance Rewarded, Death and Violence

Nobody can put a proper label on the last decade, but I can tell you what the next decade will be called, “The Decade of Ignorance, Violence and the Downfall of America.”

All signs are pointing to the next 10 years being wrought with outright violence, coupled with political and civil unrest in America. The problem is that too many Americans revel in their own ignorance while clinging to their guns and a dangerous belief that their lives are being threatened by intellectuals.

Of course, they aren’t called intellectuals they’re called communists, socialists and the leftist elite. Everywhere you turn, so-called patriots are calling for the death of educated Americans. If you don’t believe me, read the comments on political blogs that even dare to challenge the “wisdom” of red-baiting hate-mongers like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. They are filled with violent hatred toward so-called intellectuals and they’re calling for blood. Kill them. Civil war.

And that what will happen is that in the next decade, probably the next two or three years, a new political party will form that will tap into that anger. It will be lead by people like Sarah Palin, or whoever takes her place, and that party will fuel the flames of violence.

Once the ignorant and unemployed masses are excited enough, they will take matters into their own hands and people will die. Prominent liberals will be executed. Buildings will be bombed and a revolution will be born. And like past revolutions we’ve seen in Cambodia during the seventies and Naziism in the 1930s, there will be horrific death and destruction. Intellectuals will flee America and seek political refuge in other nations willing to take them or they will be murdered.

At the root of this burgeoning hatred and violence is fear of change and a loss of livelihood. An entire generation has watched as manufacturing in America was gutted. The high-tech jobs have been outsourced. The housing bubble burst and it won’t re-inflate, not now or ever. And so politicians are tapping into that fear. They’re pointing their fingers at immigrants, Muslims, the non-white poor and intellectuals. They’re saying, “They’re the problem. Go get those people.” And well-armed uneducated, unemployed factions will do just that. They’ll feel justified by politicians who validate their inaccurate view of reality.

But the truth is that the real culprits are the corporations who moved our manufacturing industry to Mexico, than Thailand, Taiwan and China or wherever the cheapest labor could be found. It’s the real elite, the wealthy elite, that has ruined this nation and the workers sat by grumbling about gay marriage, abortion, immigration or whatever else Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh assured them were the real enemies. The politics of distraction.

And both political parties did nothing to stop this. The Democrats jumped into bed with the same corporate pigs as the Republicans have always been in bed with and were happy to take their campaign contributions in exchange for “free trade” agreements and laissez-faire government regulation of the financial markets. Political parties don’t create movements, they follow them and they follow the money.

But mark my words all of this violent hatred directed at intellectuals will culminate with death and destruction. History shows us that that is what happens when ignorance is rewarded and politicians fuel the anxiety of those left behind. These well-armed uneducated unemployed masses will wreak havoc on this country and it will result in the destruction of this country. And like Cambodia, it will take decades to recover from if it ever does.

We can talk about peace all we want, but violence is coming and nobody is going to be able to stop it.

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