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More Tea Party Racism

Talking Points Memo received some e-mail messages sent by a Texas Tea Party group called the King Street Patriots to a group in Houston that’s registering voters. I know we’re not supposed to refer to the Tea Party groups as organizations of racists, but you know what, that’s what they are so deal with it…. Read more »

The Friday News Dump: March 12, 2010

Every Friday some people, politicians, corporations and government bureaucracies, slip out news they don’t want people to pay attention to. The assumption is that most people aren’t paying attention on Friday. That’s true for most, but not me.

Texas governor defends Cameron Todd Willingham execution

In Texas, you can’t get elected if you don’t support the death penalty. So it’s no surprise that Governor Rick Perry vehemently defends his decision to execute Cameron Todd Willingham, despite growing concerns that Willingham might not have murdered his three daughters.