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Sharron Angle’s Latest Racist Ad

Despite being attacked for her flagrant racist campaign ads, Sharron Angle has not backed down. In fact, in her latest ad she doubles-down by pandering to her belief that white Nevadans are scared of brown people.

Caller Tells C-SPAN’s Bill Scanlan They Should Change the Name to BLACK-SPAN

I hate call-in programs because rarely does a caller make a valid or intelligent point. On Monday, C-SPAN’s Bill Scanlan got a call from North Carolina complaining that “80 percent of your callers” are black and that C-SPAN should change its name to BLACK-SPAN. The caller said that he was just making “a little respectful… Read more »

It’s time for Lou Dobbs to go away

CNN continues to embarrass itself by allowing the racist Lou Dobbs to broadcast on this so-called “news” channel. Some people claim that Dobbs has crossed the line from being a journalist to being a nutcase, I don’t think there ever was such a line for Dobbs. He’s always been a right-wing douche.