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Sarah Palin Lies and America Dies – Just A Little Bit

Whether like it or not, Sarah Palin gets to say whatever she wants, and the mainstream media will simply regurgitate it. The Associated Press ran a story on Sunday about how Sarah Palin was taken aback by President Obama’s comment regarding the US as a superpower. What she said was a total misrepresentation of the… Read more »

White House Press Conference on March 31, 2010

White House press conference on Mar. 31, 2010. The video and complete transcript were provided by on Apr. 2, 2010 at 9:06 p.m. eastern. Press Briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton, 3/31/2010 James S. Brady Press Briefing Room 12:38 P.M. EDT MR. BURTON: Hi, guys. So we’re just going to go ahead and… Read more »

Why the Tea Party Will Fail

The Tea Partiers will fail because for them to succeed we would need to shred the US Constitution and start over. That would require a revolution, and that’s not going to happen. You just have to examine what they stand for. They claim to be strict constitutionalists, but they can’t stop screaming that what Democrats… Read more »

Obama’s Liberal Agenda: Offshore Drilling

What’s so gut-busting laugh-out-loud funny is that conservatives keep trying to portray President Obama as a left-wing weirdo sitting around smoking hash and lathering himself up with patchouli oil. If you look at his policies — yes, even health care reform — it’s pretty clear that Obama is marginally left-of-center. Take for instance his plan… Read more »

White House Shows How to Save Money on Your Taxes (Video)

Despite what right-wing fringers like Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck say, the White House hasn’t raised taxes and they even show you have to take advantage of new tax cuts. From the White House: “Did you know that there are more than a dozen Recovery Act tax cuts working families can take advantage of this… Read more »

What a Difference a Week Makes

Huffington Post’s Paul Abrams is a “professional iconoclast” and co-founder and had this to say about this historic week of Democracy in America. While President Obama and Congress wrestled health care reform to a successful conclusion and tacked on Student Loan Reform, Secretary of State Clinton concluded a deal with Russia to reduce nuclear… Read more »

Democrats Will Win Big in November If …

The consensus among the talking heads, political wonks, hacks and bloviators is that Democrats will lose big in November’s elections. The logic is that the party in the White House always gets their ass handed to them in the first election after the president takes office. That’s what happened in 1994 after Clinton beat Bush… Read more »

So Long Reaganomics, You Won’t Be Missed

I know many Americans hate progress, change, liberals, equality and workers, but it still surprises me when I see so many regular folks fight so hard to protect wealthy executives and corporations.

I wonder if CEOs for big pharma and health insurance companies sit around drinking scotch and laughing their asses off watching YouTube videos of all the boobs rallying to protect their positions of power.

Critical Thinking by Frances Moore Lappé

Too many Americans either don’t know or don’t like to think critically. It’s much more comfortable to just know what you know and that’s that. But critical thinking isn’t an optional component of living in a civilized society – it’s vital.

That’s why you need to read Frances Moore Lappé’s story “Let’s Drop the Good Guys vs. Bad Guys Talk, We Need to Grow Up as a Species.”

Obama Is Losing

The consensus is that President Obama is losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people.

Regardless of what happens with health care reform, Obama has failed to create a rally cry for America. His campaign message of hope and change played well for candidate Obama, but this is the real world now. Now is the time for leadership not campaign speeches.

Obama Playing Politics with KSM Trial – Poorly

The Washington Independent has a story explaining the politics behind Obama’s wavering over the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The problem for Obama is that no amount of political maneuvering is going to get a substantial number of Republicans, if any, to support any meaningful policy he puts forward. It isn’t going to happen, so why does he keep trying?

Politico Exclusive RNC Document Mocks Donors, Plays on ‘Fear’

Politico broke a scary story today. They’ve un-earthed a PowerPoint slideshow detailing the GOP strategy to use fear and mockery to stop Obama’s “socialist” agenda.

The Republican National Committee plans to raise money this election cycle through an aggressive campaign capitalizing on “fear” of President Barack Obama and a promise to “save the country from trending toward socialism.”

Obama Calls For Health Care Reconciliation

President Obama announced today that it’s time to get health care reform done. He didn’t mention reconciliation directly, but that’s what Obama wants.

Here’s the complete transcript and video of Obama’s speech today. The video and transcript were provided by the White House.

The Rachel Maddow Show: Republicans Go ‘Nuclear’ with Health Care Reform Lies

President Obama appears to have finally realized that Republicans will never support any effort to reform health care. On Wed., Obama is expected to release a plan to pass health care reform. According to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the president would like Republicans to not filibuster the bill in the Senate and allow a simple up-or-down vote, but that’s not going to happen.