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Sharron Angle’s Latest Racist Ad

Despite being attacked for her flagrant racist campaign ads, Sharron Angle has not backed down. In fact, in her latest ad she doubles-down by pandering to her belief that white Nevadans are scared of brown people.

Sharron Angle Raises $14 Million in Third Quarter

Sharron Angle’s spokesperson Jarrod Agen released Angle’s third quarter fundraising total. Angle raked in $14 million in just 3 months. The National Review’s Elizabeth Crum reported that Agen said this is “one of the most successful single quarters of fundraising in the nation’s history for a U.S. Senate campaign.” Indeed. That’s a huge jump from her last… Read more »

NV: Sharron Angle Says, ‘There’s nothing wrong with our health care’

In a rare TV interview with a reporter that doesn’t work for Fox News, Nevada Republican senatorial candidate Sharon Angle said, “There’s nothing wrong with our health care system.” We have the best doctors in the world, Angle explained in her condescending tone. That might be true, maybe, but more than 50 million Americans don’t… Read more »

Sharron Angle Says Gays Should Be Prohibited From Adopting Children

I don’t know how shocking, or newsworthy, this tidbit of information is, but apparently Nevada’s GOP nominee to unseat Senator Harry Reid thinks gays should not be allowed to adopt children and that the separation of church and state is unconstitutional. In a four-page questionnaire Angle filled out for a conservative political action committee, she… Read more »