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Rand Paul Campaign Worker Charged With Assault

Following last month’s savage beating of a activist at a Rand Paul campaign event, the assailant, Tim Proffitt, has been charged with assault for allegedly stomping on 23-year-old Lauren Valle. The incident was caught on tape and the video clearly shows Proffitt stomping on Valle. Proffitt claims he thought the peace activist was a… Read more »

Rachel Maddow and Dick Armey quibble over Bush/Hitler video

The fact is that in 2003 did publish a user-contributed 30-second ad on their Web site equating President Bush to Adolf Hitler. I believe it was part of a contest, but it was on their Web site until the press and right-wingers noticed it – then pulled the video down. On Meet The Press today, Dick Armey claimed that MoveOn ran this ad and Rachel Maddow said they didn’t. MoveOn didn’t “run” this ad as part of an ad campaign, but it was on their Web site, so they published it.