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Louisville TV Station: “Jew York Jets”

Yesterday, elezar tweeted, “HAHAHAHA!!! I had @WLKY news on in the background, looked up and saw this. I think someone might lose their job…” Is it a typo? So far, there’s been no word from WLKY in Louisville.

Rand Paul Campaign Worker Charged With Assault

Following last month’s savage beating of a activist at a Rand Paul campaign event, the assailant, Tim Proffitt, has been charged with assault for allegedly stomping on 23-year-old Lauren Valle. The incident was caught on tape and the video clearly shows Proffitt stomping on Valle. Proffitt claims he thought the peace activist was a… Read more »

Rand Paul Supporters Beat Up Woman (Update)

Here’s a new video of Rand Paul supporters beating up a woman at an event yesterday. Since when did it become acceptable to beat up anybody at a campaign rally, much less a man beating up a woman? What a bunch of redneck sissies – pick on someone your own size. Perhaps the attacker was… Read more »

Kentucky’s Rand Paul Supports a $2,000 Medicare Deductible

Kentucky’s Tea Party Republican senatorial nominee Rand Paul said that he supports instituting a $2,000 deductible for Medicare recipients, and his opponent Democrat Jack Conway is slapping him around for that position. Paul responded by calling Conway a liar with a counter-attack ad. Then Paul pulled that ad, and replaced it with an ad that… Read more »

Rand Paul Kidnapped a Woman and Worships the ‘Aqua Buddha’

When Rand Paul was attending college at Baylor in Waco, Texas, he worshiped the “Aqua Buddha.” Oh, and he and friend kidnapped a woman, but I guess that’s their right to do stuff like that sense, because … I don’t know, being a well-connected politico’s son means you can. GQ’s blog “The Wire” reported: The… Read more »

“Fed” written on dead census worker in Kentucky

It appears that the crazy radical-right has continued killing people they don’t like. The latest murder is of a census worker in Kentucky. On Sept. 12, 51-year-old Bill Sparkman was found dead in a Kentucky cemetery. Sparkman was naked, gagged and had his hands and feet bound with duct tape and the word “fed” written across his chest.