Senator Harry Reid Tells GOP To Quit Crying

Sen. Harry Reid Feb. 23, 2010

Sen. Harry Reid Feb. 23, 2010

Here’s Harry Reid telling Republicans to quit whining about Democrats threatening to use reconciliation to pass health care reform and bypassing the GOP filibuster. Transcript and video.

The question is, is reconciliation the only way we can do health care reform. The answer to that is ‘no.’

But I’ve been told that my Republican friends are lamenting reconciliation.

But I would recommend for them, to go back and look at history.

Since 1981, reconciliation has been used 21 times. The vast majority of those reconciliation efforts have been by Republicans.

So, we have … nothing’s off the table. We have to take a look at that.

But realistically, they should stop crying about reconciliation as if it’s never been done before. It’s done almost every Congress. And they’re the ones that used it more than anyone else.

The Contract for America, most of the stuff in the Contract for America was done with reconciliation.

Tax cuts. Done with reconciliation.

Medicare. Done with reconciliation.

So, they better go back and look at history a little bit.

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