Senator Chambliss Staffer Says, ‘All Faggots Must Die’

Saxby Chambliss

Saxby Chambliss

When I listen to some Republican senators talk about how great the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law has been working for 17 years, I think, “Man, these old white guys are a bunch of homophobic assholes.” Well, now someone who works in the office of Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) has been caught posting a bigoted and homophobic comment on a Web site.

“All faggots must die.”

That’s the comment posted by “Jimmy” on a Joe.My.God blog post about the Republicans effort to successfully kill legislation yesterday to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (the bill is the Defense Appropriations bill, you know, the one that funds the troops).

Well, Joe posted the IP address of the commenter and asked his readers to trace its origin. Well, it turns out that it came from the “US Senate” Internet service provider, and more specifically, from Chambliss’s office.

While Chambliss has not yet taken responsibility for the comment, The Atlantic Journal-Constitution confirmed that Chambliss is investigating who in his office posted the comment.

This isn’t surprising, since Chambliss and other Republicans such as McCain and Imhofe are so desperate to protect homophobic soldiers from having to confront their own bigotry by booting out gay soldiers. While the debates on CSPAN were difficult to watch, it’s fun to see them caught red-handed as the bigots we know they are.

Lady Gaga has it right, if you’re a homophobic soldier, you should have to leave the military – period.

DADT Cloture Vote Fails In Senate 56-43. Joe.My.God.
“All Faggots Must Die”. Joe.My.God.
Did Saxby Chambliss aide leave threatening slur?. The Atlantic Journal-Constitution.

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