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Dowd on Safire

What can I say, I miss William Safire. I was just thinking of him not more than four days ago and then he died. I certainly didn’t agree with every position the conservative took, but I respected the man. Maureen Dowd knew Safire and respected him too. Here’s her piece on Mr. Safire.

TIME story on Glenn Beck is a sad excuse for journalism

TIME’s cover story with Glenn Beck is a grotesque attempt at journalism. The magazine is hoping to ride Beck’s coattails in pandering to right-wing extremists. Not that it’s surprising, the bulk of mainstream media spend most of their time chasing the latest fad rather than doing honest journalism. It’s sad but expected.

It’s time for Lou Dobbs to go away

CNN continues to embarrass itself by allowing the racist Lou Dobbs to broadcast on this so-called “news” channel. Some people claim that Dobbs has crossed the line from being a journalist to being a nutcase, I don’t think there ever was such a line for Dobbs. He’s always been a right-wing douche.

We ain’t humble

In his column today David Brooks made a feeble attempt to convince readers that the US was once a humble nation. Unfortunately, our history does not back up his claim.

Journalism sucks

If you ask the founder of the conservative Media Research Center what he thinks of the media, L. Brent Bozell III will say that news coverage has an overt liberal bias. If you ask me, that’s bunk, the reason journalism sucks has nothing to do with political ideology, but just plain old incompetence.

Conservative Media Research Center Special Report on Liberal Media

The Media Research Center produced “special report” on the media coverage of Pres. Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office. Not surprisingly the ultra-conservative organization found an overwhelming liberal bias favoring Obama’s socialist-liberal-commie-craphole policies – I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

Colbert v. Beck: Obama hates white people

Colbert explains Glenn Beck’s logic that Obama doesn’t dislike white people, he has a deep-seated hatred of white people. “Beck likes arguing,” Colbert said, “but has a deep-seated hatred for logic.” Colbert Destroys Beck: “A Deep Seeded Hatred of Logic” from Crewislife on Vimeo.

Lou Dobbs is not a Journalist

There’s been some talk about firing Lou Dobbs for furthering the racist conspiracy theory that Pres. Barack Obama is not a natural born US citizen. What I find most interesting about this story is that there are people out there who actually think Dobbs is a journalist. Now I know he worked his way up… Read more »