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Glenn Beck Favorites White Pride Tweet

Raindrops on roses and white power message forums, these are a few of Glenn Beck’s favorite things. On June 28, 2010 at 2:21 pm @GlennBeck, the officially verified Glenn Beck Twitter account, selected the following tweet as a “favorite.” From MalevoFreedom: “White Nationalist message board: Embrace White Culture @GlennBeck WHITE-PRIDE #Beck WPWW.” Read this… Read more »

Oops, Sharron Angle Tells Fox News She Wants Only Pre-approved Softball Questions

Fox News has long given up any pretense that it’s actually a news organization. Even the cable network’s so-called news portion of the day is ginned up conservative blather, but the network never admits it’s a faux news organization. Well now Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle of Arizona said on-camera that she’s only interested in… Read more »

Rightblogger Dick Morris: It’s Obama’s Fault Because He’s Black

Today, rightblogger Dick Morris said that Andrew Breitbart’s phony racist video of Shirley Sherrod, and her subsequent firing, is having its intended negative effect on Obama because Obama’s black. He didn’t say those exact words, but that’s Morris’ point. He believes, perhaps correctly, that anytime the right can make Obama deal with a race issue,… Read more »

Today’s Recap for July 21, 2010

This morning Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fl) used a Republican threat of violence as a fundraising opportunity. [PRESS] Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Mn) had some fun with fellow Tea Party Caucus members. Bachmann created the Tea Party Caucus a couple of days ago. Well, today she published the names of Republican members of Congress she said signed… Read more »

Islam, Hitler and a Modern Day Crusades [#rightbloggers]

According to rightbloggers, such as Jonah Goldberg and Paul Berman, they’re not allowed to talk about links between Islam and Nazism. The gist of Goldberg’s argument today is that there was a connection between Islam and Nazis and no one in the mainstream media is talking about it, and so Goldberg and other rightbloggers are… Read more »

Dave Weigel: 99 Problems Being a Bitch Ain’t One

I don’t know who “leaked” Dave Weigel’s posts to the JournoList private Listserv, but I do know who published them. The first to run with the story was a DC gossip hack named Betsy Rothstein on her “FishbowlDC” blog, and the other sad virtual rag was the loathsome Tucker Carlson’s “The Daily Caller.” I don’t… Read more »

Rep. Anthony Weiner says Glenn Beck has formed an unholy alliance with Goldline

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has opened up a full-throated attack on Glenn Beck’s peddling of gold coins from Goldline. Weiner accused Beck of using his show “to prey on the public’s fears of inflation and socialist takeovers while actively promoting the purchase of gold coins as insurance against this purported government overreach.” Media Matters for… Read more »

Holiday Inn pulls ads from Fox News’ Glenn Beck show

Holiday Inn has joined the long list of advertisers boycotting Glenn Beck’s Fox News show, the boycott effort is being waged by Twitter followers of @StopBeck. “Last week, Holiday Inn advertisements began running on Glenn Beck’s show,” explained @StopBeck founder Angelo Carusone on his website. “As with other advertisers, participants in the StopBeck effort sprang… Read more »

Rep. Mike Pence Tells Fox News Congress Should Investigate Obama’s ‘Slow Response’

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto interviewed Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) about the congressional investigation into the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but Pence was more concerned with the alleged slowness of the Obama administration’s response to the disaster. Pence said the people “want to get to the bottom of what… Read more »

Glenn Beck Loses Another Advertiser

The grassroots effort by @StopBeck has resulted in yet another advertiser pulling their ads from Glenn Beck’s Fox News show. “As usual, StopBeck participants reached out to Nestle for clarification and urged them to cease advertising on Glenn Beck’s show,” wrote StopBeck founder Angelo Carusone. “The efforts paid off! Nestle confirmed that they do not… Read more »

Why you so Stupid CNN?

It’s hard to imagine that CNN was the first cable news channel. They invented this stuff. Now it’s true, cable news is a worthless waste of time to anyone looking for anything resembling news, but CNN has totally lost it. Jon Stewart says it best. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p… Read more »