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Enquirer Editor Details How the Tabloid Broke the John Edwards Affair Story

The former editor of the National Enquirer David Perel details how he used technology and psychology to get the John Edwards love child story. It took two years, thousands of man hours and a cross-country chase to catch John Edwards cheating. That was the easy part. Even after gathering and publishing overwhelming proof that the… Read more »

Julian Assange Says ‘Publishers Must Be Free To Publish’

Julian Assange sat down with 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft to talk about WikiLeaks. Assange views WikiLeaks as no different than any other publisher and therefore, if the US government were to arrest him that would blow a hole right through the First Amendment. “Publishers must be free to publish,” Assange told Kroft.

Fox News Can’t Find Egypt on a Map

This tweet was posted by @GirlFuturist at 5:23 p.m. Eastern. “Um, srsly? FOX news, pls check Google Earth. Egypt is not where U think it is. RT @rascality @bostonturgy < OMG” Indeed, apparently Fox News got Iraq mixed up with Egypt. Here’s how Google lays out the Middle East.

Louisville TV Station: “Jew York Jets”

Yesterday, elezar tweeted, “HAHAHAHA!!! I had @WLKY news on in the background, looked up and saw this. I think someone might lose their job…” Is it a typo? So far, there’s been no word from WLKY in Louisville.

Exiting the Hyperbolic Chamber

I’ve spent too much time blogging, tweeting and bickering with radicals and nutcases over the last few years. I’m done. I’m stepping out of the hyperbolic chamber. From this point forward, this space will be used to elevate the political discourse in America. I won’t be blogging about Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin unless they… Read more »

You Can’t Delete Your Gawker Account

About 10 days ago, I decided that Gawker sucks. It came to my attention that while Gawker writers are quick to trash anyone and everyone, they can’t take even the slightest bit of criticism directed at them. I came to the conclusion that I won’t be reading, commenting or linking to Gawker and so I… Read more »

Gawker Hacked

Gawker pissed off the wrong group of hackers and they got hacked. The entire Gawker site and commenter database was stolen. The hacker posted all of this in a torrent. Most people are recommending everyone change your Gawker password. I recommend avoiding Gawker entirely until they get their security holes fixed. There’s plenty of reason… Read more »

Sarah Palin Sues Gawker for Talking About her Book (Update)

Update: What I thought wasn’t going to happen – happened. Sarah Palin found a judge to order Gawker pull the story they ran about Palin’s new book. Palin’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. (November 21, 2010) On Friday, Sarah Palin’s publisher, the Rupert Murdoch owned Harper Collins, filed a lawsuit against Gawker for publishing leaked excerpts… Read more »

Roger Ailes Calls NPR Nazis

Roger Ailes makes about $20 million a year as the head of Fox News. In an interview with The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz, Ailes said this about NPR. “They are, of course, Nazis. They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left wing of Nazism. These guys don’t want any other point of… Read more »

Keith Olbermann Fans, Seriously?

It’s been a few days now and Keith Olbermann has returned to his chair at MSNBC to host his nightly show “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that was in a constant state of crapping their pants while Olbermann was suspended indefinitely for like two days, that Olbermann… Read more »

Fox News Shareholders Want to Know Why News Corp. Has Given Republicans $1.25 Million

On his Friday show, Keith Olbermann ran a report about $1.25 million in donations to Republicans by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. At a shareholder meeting, Murdoch was asked to explain these expenditures. “In these two donations that you’re speaking of we judged it to be in the best interests of the company; it had nothing… Read more »

Krauthammer Accuses Obama of McCarthyism for Attacking Chamber of Commerce

On Fox News yesterday, conservative windbag Charles Krauthammer said Obama is making “an appeal to xenophobic fear” and guilty of McCarthy-esque baseless attacks. It’s the stock and trade of conservative ideologues to take what they are being accused of, and turning those same accusations against liberals, or in this case, Obama. By that I mean… Read more »

Krugman Shines a Light on America’s Political Underbelly

Politics is a nasty disgusting business. All the while politicians are running around shaking hands and kissing babies, their wealthy puppeteers are pulling their strings. And even though this has always been true of politics in America and elsewhere, it’s gotten a bit too out-of-control, particularly when it comes to Fox News and Rupert Murdoch’s… Read more »

Is That You in There David Koresh? Hello?

I’m reading Chuck Klosterman’s book “Eating the Dinosaur.” On page 31, he quotes neuropsychiatrist Richard Restak’s Washington Post story which cites Karl Menninger‘s chief indicators of psychosis. “Preoccupation with persecution, usually associated with grandiosity; more or less continuous erratic, disorganized excitement accompanied by irascibility; bizarre delusional ideas coupled with obvious indifference to social expectations; and… Read more »

Faux Journalist James O’Keefe Continues to Embarrass Himself

This guy, James O’Keefe – the jerk who edits video of people to make it look like they’re doing something that they’re not – tried to “punk” CNN’s Abbie Boudreau. According to CNN: James O’Keefe, best known for hitting the community organizing group ACORN with a [phony] undercover video sting, hoped to get CNN Investigative… Read more »

Now Gallup Says Democrats and Republicans are Tied

If you remember last week, Gallup released a poll that showed Republicans trouncing all over the Democrats come November. It was a blowout, and all of the talking heads and wonks and wonkettes were in a frenzy over how badly the Democrats were going to get their asses kicked. But yesterday, Gallup released this week’s… Read more »

The War in Iraq Is Not Over

The Obama administration, and NBC, have been telling us for the past couple of weeks that on August 31, 2010 the war in Iraq ended – kaput. Actually, the war is not over. Many of the 50,000 US soldiers that remain Iraq, and the mercenaries we’re paying big bucks to fight for us, will be… Read more »