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The US Constitution Created the Federal Government

There are a lot of people, including some members of Congress, who don’t understand what the US Constitution is and why it was created. Freshman Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) was asked the following question by talk-radio host Doug Fabrizio about whether the federal government should be involved in dealing with a natural disaster. “You said… Read more »

Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘I’ve been to the Mountaintop’ Speech (Video and Transcript)

The following is the full transcript and video of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I’ve been to the Mountaintop” speech. He delivered this speech on April 3, 1968. The next day King was assassinated. Thank you very kindly, my friends. As I listened to Ralph Abernathy and his eloquent and generous introduction and then thought… Read more »

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’

On April 16, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was arrested for his part in the Birmingham Campaign. The Birmingham Campaign was a non-violent protest against the unequal treatment of African Americans in Birmingham, Alabama. 16 April 1963 My Dear Fellow Clergymen: While confined here in the Birmingham city jail, I came across your recent… Read more »

JFK Uncovers Nixon Bribes and He’s the Bad Guy?

For some reason modern “journalists” get their panties in a wad over false moral equivalencies. In the Washington Post, Mark Feldstein, wrote a story about how John F. Kennedy’s campaign actually stole the 1960 election by burglarizing a Nixon office and stealing incriminating evidence, which the Kennedy campaign gave to the press. To be fair,… Read more »

Matthew Yglesias Explains the Rise of Xenophobia

Racism and xenophobia are always lurking under the surface in American life and politics. And when times get tough, more and more people will cling to the ugliness that is bigotry, and politicians will try to caress the anxiety that slithers along this dark underbelly of America. Matthew Yglesias explains why xenophobia is coming to… Read more »

Islam, Hitler and a Modern Day Crusades [#rightbloggers]

According to rightbloggers, such as Jonah Goldberg and Paul Berman, they’re not allowed to talk about links between Islam and Nazism. The gist of Goldberg’s argument today is that there was a connection between Islam and Nazis and no one in the mainstream media is talking about it, and so Goldberg and other rightbloggers are… Read more »

Freedman’s Village

Until today, I had never heard of Freeman’s Village. I had no idea that on the land where Arlington National Cemetery is today that there was once a city where newly freed slaves lived during and following the Civil War. But I do now, because the Associated Press wrote a story about it and News One published it.

So Long Reaganomics, You Won’t Be Missed

I know many Americans hate progress, change, liberals, equality and workers, but it still surprises me when I see so many regular folks fight so hard to protect wealthy executives and corporations.

I wonder if CEOs for big pharma and health insurance companies sit around drinking scotch and laughing their asses off watching YouTube videos of all the boobs rallying to protect their positions of power.

Wall Street’s Fascist Conspiracy Part 1

Here’s the complete story written by John L. Spivak in 1935 published in New Masses detailing a Wall Street tycoon plot to overthrow the government with a military coup. It was a real coup, but most Americans have no idea that it ever existed and that J. P. Morgan and other Wall Street big shots… Read more »