RNC Chairman Steele’s Days Are Numbered

Michael Steele RNC Chairman

It appears that the hypocrisy of the GOP does have its limits. Well, it does when it comes to big Republican National Committee donors shelling out money for faux lesbians, private jets and lavish hotels.

“To have staff people flying around on private jets and spending five figures at hotels — it was never done that way historically,” one donor told The Daily Caller. “When you’re out trying to raise money people expect you to act responsibly, and acting responsibly starts at the top.”

While one low-level RNC staffer has been canned over the latest row and now people are calling for RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s head.

I’m surprised Steele lasted as long as he has. My cynical side tells me that he was picked to lead the RNC to offset President Obama’s skin color. An attempt by the RNC to say, “We have lots of black friends.” His political resume is rather thin.

But now that the GOP has driven itself into the ditch with Tea Partiers, military militias and other radical groups, I don’t think anyone in the GOP gives a rip about being the big tent party anymore.

And now donations are down. According to OpenSecrets, the RNC normally crushes the DNC when it comes to raking in the big money, but not anymore.

In 2006 election cycle, the DNC raised $130 million and the RNC $243 million. In 2008, the RNC recorded $427 million compared to the DNC’s $260 million. And so far in 2010, the DNC has pulled in $100 million and the RNC $109 million. That’s a meager $9 million fundraising edge for the RNC.

The Daily Caller reported today, “According to filings with the Federal Election Commission, at least eight of the RNC’s top individual donors have declined to contribute in the past 14 months, a list that includes Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus and real-estate mogul Harlan Crow. Each of the individuals had a record of contributing thousands to the RNC in past years but since 2009 have chosen to direct their money to the NRSC, National Republican Congressional Committee or individual campaign committees.”

If you know anything about the GOP is that they have no problem sacrificing one of their own for the greater good of the party. So long, Michael Steele, I’m sure you have enough material for another book.

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