Republicans Wage War on the Unemployed

Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio

At least one Republican is campaigning on the promise that if you elect him, he will lay you off. Another Republican, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, called police, teachers and firefighters “special interests” just looking for another handout from the government. Oh those stinking public servants putting out fires, educating children and fighting crime, they really are the worst of the worst – fire them all.

Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins covers this odd campaign strategy nicely.

Over the past few months, Congressional Republicans and skittish Democrats who’ve lingered too long at the Deficit Panic Kool-Aid Stand have made life extraordinarily difficult for the most vulnerable members of society — the nation’s unemployed.

Rather than extend unemployment benefits so that the millions of Americans who are out there busting their humps to find the needle-in-a-haystack that is a job of any kind, they’ve demanded that those benefits be offset, essentially punishing the unemployed for the deficits they giddily ran up for years.

Read Linkins’ post here.

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