Paul Ryan Palling Around with Terrorists

On Friday, The Rachel Maddow Show highlighted an interesting twist in this year’s presidential election.

It appears that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is actually palling around with terrorists — maybe.

Remember in 2008, when then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of “palling around with terrorists” because he knows William Ayers?

On Friday, Ryan spoke at the Values Voters Summit, hosted by the Family Research Council, along with a man calling himself Kamal Saleem.

Saleem is a self-described “former terrorists,” author and founder of something called Koome Ministries.

According to Saleem, he was an operative in the Muslim Brotherhood. He says that he snuck into the country through Canada to destroy the US. He says that he smuggled caches of weapons into America before converting to Christianity.

If that story sounds bogus, that’s because it probably is.

In 2008, CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported on this fake terrorist.

“Kamal Saleem,” Cooper reported, “whose real name is Khodor Shami, worked for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network for sixteen years, and was hired by Focus on the Family in 2003.”

Cooper reported that Saleem is an American citizen. So it’s easy for a former terrorist to gain citizenship?

Mother Jones ran a story about Saleem earlier this year painting the picture of a man who, according to his former roommate, likes to tell tall tales, particularly when he’s getting paid handsomely to do so.

Maddow said Friday that Saleem argues that when President Obama is saying the pledge of allegiance, he’s really saying Muslim prayers. And Roe v. Wade is a pathway for Sharia law in the US.

That makes sense, first Roe v. Wade, then Sharia law.

The dude is playing a part and getting paid well doing so.

“Journalists who have looked into this Kamal Saleem,” Maddow said, “uniformly do not believe this guy actually is a former terrorist. One giveaway is that the FBI seems not at all interested in him. But he makes his living by telling right-wing religious groups that he’s a former terrorist.”

So why does Focus on the Family book this guy? Because he tells the audience what they want to hear. Obama is a secret Muslim. And that the left wants to convert everyone to Islam.

Sure, it makes no sense, but who cares? It’s throwing red meat to the wolves.

But the bigger question, is why did Paul Ryan speak at this same conference?

And while Ryan was speaking, alongside right-wing conspiracy theorists, like this guy Saleem, and Frank Gaffney and Jerry Boykin, US embassies in several countries were under attack.

If you recall, Gaffney and Boykin lead the charge a couple months ago that Huma Abedin, a top State Department official, was involved in a conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood. That turned out to be bogus too.

These people are way, way out there, but they pack in the audiences and sell books.

And while there are certainly far left-wing conspiracy nuts out there too, you don’t see President Obama or Vice President Joe Biden giving speeches at their conventions.

Actually, do left-wing conspiracy theorists have conventions? Probably not, it’s not that lucrative on that side of the political spectrum.

“That’s where the Republican party put it’s vice presidential nominee to speak today,” Maddow said on Friday. “That’s how they decided to clean up after their presidential nominee denounced the US embassy in Cairo, while the US embassy in Cairo was being attacked.”

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