NV: Sharron Angle Says, ‘There’s nothing wrong with our health care’

In a rare TV interview with a reporter that doesn’t work for Fox News, Nevada Republican senatorial candidate Sharon Angle said, “There’s nothing wrong with our health care system.”

We have the best doctors in the world, Angle explained in her condescending tone.

That might be true, maybe, but more than 50 million Americans don’t have access to those doctors.

Angle said that no one is denied health care, but that the cost is prohibitive for some people. Right, and that’s really the whole point of President Obama’s health care reform – to reduce the cost so that more Americans can access the system.

What would Angle do to lower the cost of health care? She would repeal health care reform and allow health insurance companies to continue denying insurance based on pre-existing conditions. Oh and she supports tort reform because when someone gets injured by a negligent doctor they shouldn’t be allowed to remedy that with the court system.

Health savings accounts, she likes those too. What’s great about health savings accounts is that it allows wealthy people to avoid paying taxes on the money they put into them, but as for the 50 million who can’t afford health insurance, yeah, they’re screwed.

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