More Tea Party Racism

Talking Points Memo received some e-mail messages sent by a Texas Tea Party group called the King Street Patriots to a group in Houston that’s registering voters.

I know we’re not supposed to refer to the Tea Party groups as organizations of racists, but you know what, that’s what they are so deal with it. The media needs to stop pretending like the Tea Party is nothing more than a modern version of the KKK.

i hope everyone of you American hating A-holes are thrown in prison for cheating our country and trying to assure socialism.GO TO HELL.

I see you’re all into fraud. Why do you want to change Texas? You want it to be like a third-world nation? Texas is great – and you want to change it into a third world state. No thank you. Your fraud won’t work. You were caught red handed. Live with it. We know all about it.

Citizen’s from all over Texas will be coming to Houston to watch you fraudulent Marxist pigs. Be forewarned, you will be watched at every turn, and your corrupt Marxist organization will be targeted!

You liberial scumbags should be hung by the neck in public ! We are on to your voter fraud. Keep it up you MOTHER FUCKERS and you will soon be put down for a long dirt nap! Your nothing but a bunch of white guilt ridden assholes, NIGGERS and greasy mexican spics! The WAR is comming and we are going to dispose of each and every one of you while we take OUR (White) nation back.

Well there you go, couple this e-mail with the hundreds of signs and the myriad of Tea Party leaders like Mark Williams who can be heard sputtering racism from their pie holes on a daily basis.

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