Louie Gohmert is correct

Restrict the number of bullets in a firearm magazine and people will eventually have sex with animals.

That’s the argument Republican Texas US Congressman Louie Gohmert has made about efforts by liberals to limit the ammunition capacity of firearms.

It makes sense, too.

What happens is that if we allow the federal government the power to do this, there’s no stopping them from stopping the policy of discriminating against homosexuals.

And once gay marriage is accepted, it won’t be long before people are having sex with horses, goats and chickens.

Liberals need to face it, Gohmert has a brilliant mind. It’s not difficult to see why the voters in Texas’s 1st congressional district have elected the former judge five times.

In the most recent election against Democrat Shirley McKellar, Gohmert received nearly 72 percent of the vote.

Gohmert is certainly correct when he describes the pretty obvious direct link between bullets, gay marriage and bestiality. And that’s because all liberal plans eventually lead to bestiality.

In Washington state, it’s actually not illegal to have sex with animals. In Vermont it’s legal to walk around naked, you just can’t disrobe in public.

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