Karl Rove’s Super PAC is Lying to you

According to PolitiFact.org, all of these “Super PAC” ads you’ve been seeing on TV in Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, Pennsylvania and Kentucky are a pack of lies.

Of 31 claims in TV ads that PolitiFact has checked from groups such as American Crossroads and the Patriot Majority PAC, the vast majority have earned a Half True or lower rating on our Truth-O-Meter.

Forty-two percent earned a Half True, 23 percent Barely True and 13 percent were found to be False or Pants on Fire, the rating reserved for the most ridiculous falsehoods.

Only five of the 31 claims from the groups were rated Mostly True. Just two earned True ratings.

I put together a video of Rove’s Crossroads GPS ads so that you can see them for yourself. The sad thing is that unless a voter actually researches what these ads are saying, they won’t know they’re lies.

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